AIB Step by step guide to making an appeal on the AIB €1615 tracker


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I just filled out my form today. As a curiosity - do we have any knid of idea on the timeline as to when it may appear in the high court. Ive no idea on how long these things can normally take.


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I only requested the appeals pack yesterday. Was told it would be 5 working days. I have requested an extension on the submission date from BDO.
How long approx will it take me to fill out the appeals pack??

Kevin Daly

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Hi I am putting in my appeal soon as AIB send me the forms I have contacted BDO telling them my appeal could a bit late I am sending them a letter today I can’t seem to see or down load the step by step for appeal form
Regards Kevin


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Hi Brendan,
We had not seen this thread again until recently. Originally i thought it was suggested we go collectively as a group through Padraic Kissane, is that not the case now? Sorry i obviously missed some correspondence at some stage.
Thanks so much
Originally i thought it was suggested we go collectively as a group through Padraic Kissane, is that not the case now?
I don't know who suggested going collectively through Padraic.

I would have thought Padraic was more appropriate for cases where there are special circumstances.

Or if you prefer Padraic's argument to mine.



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No not at all I must have misread wrongly before in past posts. Sorry didn’t mean to offend at all. Like most people i had put this on the long finger & time has caught up with me. Thanks for all the guidance in filling out the forms. You have put a lot of your time & energy into this. Much much appreciated.


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My AIB €1,615 letter is dated 7th March 2018!

This appeal only came to my attention yesterday and I have downloaded the appeals pack- many thanks for same and guidance to form completion.

I contacted my bank today to advise I was appealing. They will sent out the pack & suggested contacting BDO for extension.

I rang BDO and they want the request in writing and reason for same. No details were exchanged.
-in my letter, Apart from saying I have requested an appeals pack and await same, is there anything else I should say here because of my time lines?

I am sending off the downloaded appeal pack signed & dated 6/3/19 via Registered post marked 7/3/19.

My letter to BDO will also be posted today via Reg Post but will also be post marked 7/3/19.

Before I post off anything, is there anything I should do, write or include to be within the 1 year appeal time frame?

Many thanks


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Brendan, thank you so much for this amazing thread and all the work you have put in to make this appeal so easy. When I got my letter I took it at face value and it wasn’t until I read your argument yesterday that I saw the merits in it.

Rang AIB yesterday for appeals pack, they said they’d email me it but it would take 48 hours - 5 days!!! Also, they wouldn’t give me a case number, is this required to be included in the appeal?Rang BDO yesterday and they are requesting I submit a letter for an extension and also said they would only accept the original appeals form from the bank! I’ve the uploaded form from this site filled out and ready to go, is there any way they can tell the difference between an original and the one from this site considering I’m getting the pack emailed to me? Also, if I send the appeal via registered post and the delivery date of the letter from an post is prior to 16th March, can the BDO state that I missed the appeals deadline if they don’t actually open and acknowledge my appeal until after the 16th?

Download the form. Fill it in and send it off today.

You don’t need an extension. You got it a year ago tomorrow.

I doubt if AIB will be telling people : Sorry, you are a day late. ptsb have been very flexible around the time limit.

I would imagine it's to make sure that people don't come back in ten years time after the Appeals Panel has gone home.

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Hi Brendan,I would just like to thank you for all your help & insight with this matter. After listening to your podcast from Sean O Rourke show I have posted my appeal this afternoon. I would be interested in joining or contributing to any High Court action that may take place so please keep me informed if donations are needed. Thank you.


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Hi I received my appeals pack.
12 pages (1-12). No third party letter of authority in pages 1-12.
Should I have received more pages?


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Almost 12 months since my appeals pack was sent back. The only correspondence from BDO in last 6 months is a letter saying sorry for the delay. This letter is auto-generated and arrives on the same day every month.
Something strange going ok on here.
I don't have much faith in BDO to be an impartial judge.

I know the Minister and the Central Bank want to move on from this scandal and the banks are talking about returning to normality, restoring bonuses and so on. This case relates to a couple who submitted an appeal in June 2018. There has been correspondence back and forth between them and the BDO Ireland secretariat, which oversees the independent appeals process for AIB. BDO requested some additional information from this family relating to their mortgage account. This concerned the family because the request indicated that BDO either had not read the mortgage account file or did not have a copy of it. Two weeks ago, we posed the question of whether BDO was capable of adjudicating on the appeal fairly and stated they had lost faith in the appeals process.


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Appeals pack completed and ready for the post tomorrow. Thanks to all who contribute to this thread for the help.


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Quick question AIB recently offered me a new variable rate if the LTV was now <80% and I took them up on it (I requested this previously and they refused stating my contract didn't allow it) I assume if this comes through me switching rates will have no significance? I would be entitled to a tracker from the date the fixed rate ended until the end of the mortage?