AIB Step by step guide to making an appeal on the AIB €1615 tracker

2. In the new IRPD form they have removed the following from para 6 of the general instructions "If you would like to nominate a Third Party to be the primary point of contact in relation to the Tracker Mortgage Review, please complete the Third Party Letter of Authority on pages 14 and 15."
Ah, I was wondering how my initial Step by Step Guide referred to that.

That explains it.

It makes no difference. Just ignore the Third Party Letter of Authority.

I have filled out IRPA and now IRPD has arrived with difference legal section not included? Will I send both to BDO ???
If you have sent the IRPA, then don't bother sending in the IRPD.

If you have not sent it, then either send the IRPA or fill in the IRPD and send it instead. If you send the IRPD, to make it easy for them, cross out the A and put in a D.



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Should you expect a response to acknowledge your letter? I sent mine over two weeks ago but haven't heard a peep yet. Is this normal?
Thanks for the advise on the forms.


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Hi Sunshine, they normally send out a confirm however I expect that BDO are inundated with appeals now ( hopefully) so there maybe a delay, no harm in calling BDO 1800800 110


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Got my answer back from AIB yesterday, big document with all our document attached and records of all the phone calls over the years etc.

basically just said they reject my appeal for compensation and it will now to go to the appeal panel


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from BDO, it had about 100 pages of stuff attached, incl every conversation i have had with them over the years. They also furnished the full contract which showed the tracker clause which wasnt in my letter of offer so that explains why i was affected when i thought i got the payment in error

Their explanation was just a copy and paste of what they have said all along, that we didn't lose out anything cos the prevailing rate would have been 7.9% etc etc

To be honest i found the whole procedure moved very quickly, BDO sent me several letters saying "we are still waiting to hear from AIB etc" and kept me informed the whole time and then we got the answer yesterday (about 6 weeks after first sending in the appeal)

One thing interesting in their send-out yesterday was that they said they called me and left a VM in the fall of 2009 saying that there was no breakage costs to get out of my fixed rate prematurely if i wanted. I never got this VM
I then requested the breakage costs myself 3 months later in 2010 and they said it would cost 9 grand to get out of the fixed rate early

So off to the tracker appeal panel it goes now....


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I received a letter from BDO yesterday. Apparently AIB told them that my signature doesn't match the signature on file and they have therefore returned my appeal form and requested me to sign it again the way it was signed 10 years ago.

This is absolutely ridiculous. It is acting the of the highest order.

My signature has evolved over the last 10 years and looks a fair bit different but come on, this is sticking up roadblocks in the hope that I'll lose heart.

How wrong they are.
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I got a reply from AIB via BDO to our complaint as per Brendan's template too, large pack of documents including our history with them basically saying no and I've 10 days to respond or else it goes to the appeal panel.


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Brendan when AIB said yesterday that they were waiving the statue of limitations for trackers does that only apply to court proceedings or does it cover appeals and ombudsman too?
Borrowers had 12 months to lodge an appeal. This was "internal" and so not covered by the statute of limitations. The 12 months limit was set by AIB in conjunction with the Central Bank.

They say that for 6 months after the Appeals Panel has issued its decision, you can go to the Ombudsman or the HIgh Court and they won't invoke the statute of limitations.



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Hi there, coolaboola12 , sounds like we may have similar case. Have sent in my appeal , and got the acknowledgement letter from them saying awaiting response from AIB. I paid 8k approx in 2009 to get out of fixed.... never had anyone say there wouldn't be brakeage fees.
Found it awful difficult to gather all my docs and correspondemce from AIB, had 3 go s at it, before I sent in the appeal. They omitted quite a lot of relevant info and I really had to chase. Feel like they withholding elements, and will refuse the appeal...but we shall see. It's an utter scandal and they must be held accountable. Feel so aggrevied for loss of opportunity alone, as all money tied up in hefty mortgage.


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yeah i find it hard to believe that they were ringing me back in 2009 offering me the chance to break out of the fixed rate free of charge.

No one knows what will happen but after watching those oireachtas videos i would be more optimistic than pessimistic