AIB Step by step guide to making an appeal on the AIB €1615 tracker


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Hi thanks for all the information- I only found out about this today I have ordered a pack so hopefully I will get it in a few days.


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Thank you so much for this Brendan, I have been walking around for weeks with this in my bag just completely overwhelmed of where to start. I will fill It in tomorrow and get it posted.


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Have applied for my appeal pack today. I had lodged the €1,615 cheque last year and forgotten about until I saw Charlie Weston's article yesterday.


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If there was even one or two instances where AIB gave a tracker rate between 2008 and 2011/2015 that was .5% or .75% or thereabouts it would be a very difficult case for AIB to defend that the prevailing rate would have been 7.9%. Even without that, it must be a very difficult position to support.


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I have contacted the fspo today and asked for clarification that taking a case with them will not at all prevent any customer from being eligible to be part of a high court action on the matter. My understanding is you can’t take a case that was legally decided on already to the fspo but I think the opposite is not true I.e. that taking the fspo complaint cannot bar you from the outcome of a high court action for all customers. I await clarification however and will post the reply once received.


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Have requested an appeals pack also and will complete and return before the deadline. Thanks for your guidance Brendan.


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Attached is an appeal form for AIB. You just need to post to the attached address - write "Freepost F5183" on the envelope and you won't need a stamp.

The appeal pack does also include some information, (10 pages), of its "Terms of reference and Panel Rules", however if you are using the format that Brendan is suggesting then just print the attached appeal form and away you go.

This appeal pack is for the IRPA panel within AIB - It is for people who have not lost houses either through voluntary sale or not because of the Tracker debacle.

You don't have to wait for an appeal pack from AIB.

Hope that helps.


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The address was a copy of the envelope I received with the appeal pack.

Personally i would prefer to send it direct to BDO and to the address you gave.


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If your sending a letter to BDO or AIB I'd advise getting it registered. Not the smartest tools in the box these guys. Register everything.


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Has anybody received a reply to their appeal yet?

Brendan thank you so much for this. I am on the way to post office now
Folks, I have sent this email to politicians, mortgage brokers and others who might well know people affected by this. Perhaps you could do the same.


Subject: Do you know anyone who got €1,650 tracker compensation from AIB?

6,000 AIB borrowers had a right to be offered a tracker at the "prevailing rate" when their fixed rate ended. AIB did not do this, and so were forced by the Central Bank to give them €1,650 compensation for their "service failure". AIB has also offered them a tracker at ECB +3.32% margin.

If anyone has told you that they got a letter out of the blue from AIB with a cheque for €1,650 please forward them this email.

They have a right to appeal this and I am encouraging everyone to do so, so that AIB will know that this particular tracker issue has not gone away.

To make it easy, I have done the following

Step by step guide to making an appeal on the AIB €1615 tracker
If you know anyone affected by it, please send them this link. The deadline is mid March

My argument is that the "prevailing rate" is 1.25% and not 3.32%.

We will be launching a High Court challenge on the issue as well. If successful, it could be life changing for these people.

I have also tweeted about it here:


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Appeal pack received and filled out, will be in the post tomorrow, thanks so much for this guide, I hadn't a clue how to go about this.