AIB Step by step guide to making an appeal on the AIB €1615 tracker

I assume if this comes through me switching rates will have no significance?

They will refund you the difference between what you should have paid and what you actually paid.

Anyone affected by this should still seek out the best AIB rate available.

Even switching lenders shouldn't be an issue. However, that is a complication which you would be better off without.



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Yes, if we are successful you will be put onto the tracker from end of fixed rate until the end of mortgage- or if you decide to move off it

Kevin Daly

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Hi all
I applied for my appeal pack last Wednesday, AIB said it will take 5 working days ... also sent extension letter to BDO my date is 16.03.18 last week advised by BDO after I received my redress 1615 I went to my branch manager last March 2018 mainly the only advice they gave me was to make a complaint which I did I received one letter from complaints department after they said to me they would further investigate I heard nothing since I wasn’t really advised to a appeal at the time ????
Regards Kevin


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Hi Kevin,

The best thing to do is appeal, I have no doubt that it will be rejected but the more people that complain the more AIB will take notice. There is a committee set up looking into high court action and the more people that complain through the appeal panel the better.



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Quick question AIB recently offered me a new variable rate if the LTV was now <80% and I took them up on it (I requested this previously and they refused stating my contract didn't allow it) I assume if this comes through me switching rates will have no significance? I would be entitled to a tracker from the date the fixed rate ended until the end of the mortage?
Good question, i also had this option but my LTV hadnt gone under 80% so i couldnt get it. I was also wondering wouuld it invalidate my tracker claim if i took the new rate


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Hi, I've only just seen this thread today. My letter is dated the 15th of March.

Am I too late to make an appeal? Can I just download the form linked above, fill it out and send it by registered mail tomorrow? Do I need to call AIB first and request an original appeals package?

Also a family member co-signed for the mortgage, though the property is solely in my name and I completely pay the mortgage? Do they need to make a separate application? Or can I just make an individual appeal? Or do they need to sign it too? They are in the other end of the country, so I'd need to rush down to get them to sign it if needed.

Sorry for all the questions and the last minute nature of it. Thanks for all the great effort you seem to be putting in Brendan.


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We have only applied for our pack today also looking for a extension from B d o as my letter was dated 7 March 18 have we a chance of apealing Brendan?


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Hi Brendan,

My letter is dated the 7th of March 2018. It is now the 11th of March 2019 and I am only seeing this thread now. I have completed the downloaded appeals form and will sent it off tomorrow via registered post. Do I need to get an extension from the BDO??
DO you think my appeal will be dismissed as I have missed the one year deadline. I am sorry for all the questions but I am really stressed out about missing the deadline.

Thank you for all your help with this and for all your hard work.




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That is ours ready to go off via registered post tomorrow.

Keeping the faith that we will all get justice in the end.

Thanks again for all the invaluable guidance, Brendan.

Kevin Daly

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Can I hand write the appeals form also the reference on IRPA ? I lead to believe by BDO there is a difference version IRPD ? I have it filled in IRPA will I send anyway ? My dead line is Friday 15th also will I send BDO a copy of my contract ?


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Hi Brendan,

AIB finally sent me the email today with the appeals pack, 5 days after I requested it. (I've attached it)

I downloaded the form online here last week, filled it out by hand and sent it via registered post Friday because I was afraid of missing the deadline.
I just looked at the pack AIB sent me and the form reference is IRPD. The form I downloaded and sent in had the reference IRPA. I've checked both forms and the differences between the 2 forms are:
1. Reference: IRPD not IRPA
2. In the new IRPD form they have removed the following from para 6 of the general instructions "If you would like to nominate a Third Party to be the primary point of contact in relation to the Tracker Mortgage Review, please complete the Third Party Letter of Authority on pages 14 and 15."
3. They have removed the third party letter of authority.

My questions - will the IRPA form that I sent in suffice for my appeal or should I now complete the IRPD form and send that one in? The deadline is getting close so I want to ensure I don't miss it. Also, the form they sent me allows me to edit it online, it doesn't state anywhere (that I can see) that the form can not be hand written, therefore I assume there should be no reason for the BDO not to process my appeal just because it is handwritten?



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Hi Lainey 82, I’m in the same boat as you-I too sent in the downloaded form Ref IRPA last Thursday by registered post & when I finally received my appeal pack from AIB yesterday it was ref IRPD. My closing date is today & I’m not resubmitting it unless BDO request me too. I’ll await their response.


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Hi Brendan,

I am one of the many people who thought great €1615 and did no more about it till last week when I rang for an appeals pack. I rang again on Monday as it hadn't been emailed over like they said it would, it was subsequently emailed over yesterday and I have just printed it out and going to send it to them tomorrow via registered post (letter dated originally 21/03/2018). Just to double check I fill in details as advised in this forum??


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Excellent stuff Brendan. I listened to you on Sean O’Rourke and you mentioned that the new CEO may decide ‘to do the right thing’ by this cohort of 6,000 affected mortgage holders. As an ex-employee of AIB I highly doubt it. Either they’ll be told by the CB to refund or dragged kicking and screaming to the High Court. Appeal gone by registered post 07th March.

Kevin Daly

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I have filled out IRPA and now IRPD has arrived with difference legal section not included? Will I send both to BDO ???