AIB Step by step guide to making an appeal on the AIB €1615 tracker


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On the appeal form do I need to fill out the third party authority section, and if so who do I nominate? Thanks
Not usually.


If you wanted someone like Padraic Kissane to represent you with AIB, then you would fill in these.

I have updated the Step by Step Guide accordingly.



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Just filled out appeals pack following your extremely helpful guidelines Brendan. Thanks a million, it has made the whole process so much easier!


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Tks Brendan for all your work on this, very helpful step by step guide. Appeals letter back in post today


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Hi Brendan, i have listened to you on Kildare FM and GalwayBayFM podcasts and you are doing outstanding work in getting the word out there about putting in the AIB tracker appeal....thanks for everything you are doing!!


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Quick question guys .

I have received my appeals pack and am completing for sending off Monday (joint mortgage so need to have signed by both of us right)?

I see this was queried already but wanted to see if I can clarify .. we made first repayment on mortgage in August 2007 and fixed for 2 years from that date .. is this enough info to quote when filling out

And one final question .. the massively helpful documents you shared Brendan, do I just write all that into form provided or add it separately as a document? What did others do?

Thanks a million, Anita
Yes, both of you will have to sign.

Yes, that is enough information.

Fill in Section 6 as follows

Download the attachment with the full argument, edit it with your own details and attach it.

6) This is the key Section. Write in here:

In (fill in date) , we took out a fixed rate mortgage which entitled us to a tracker rate at the then prevailing tracker rate at the end of the fixed rate period

In (fill in date), this fixed rate period expired and we were not offered the prevailing rate

AIB is claiming that the prevailing rate would have been around 7.9%

We argue that AIB did have a prevailing tracker rate and it was ECB +1.25%

We want the tracker rate of ECB +1.25% from the date our fixed rate ended.

We want a refund of the overpayments made since then.

We want compensation of 15% of the overcharge.

We want a return to the tracker rate from now until the end of the mortgage.

Other than the 15%, we are not seeking any further compensation or professional fees.

The full argument is set out in the attached.


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For anyone who hasn't requested their pack yet;
AIB issue a case number against each pack they send out. I requested a pack electronically and they initially refused, but then agreed after creating a case number for me. Do this and avoid a 7-10 day delay


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Thank you so much for your help on this, I have completed as advised, and posted back to appeals panel. I got confirmation in the post today to say they had received it. fingers crossed now


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Anyone know how long before I get confirmation that my appeal was received? Sent it in last Thursday but no confirmation yet.


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Thank you so much for your help with this. The step by step instructions have been a life-saver.


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Got my confirmation of appeal received today, called BDO too and it arrived in the post just as they called back. They said it takes 5 business days to process/acknowledge the appeal and issue the receipt