Tesco Bank Seem to be Exiting Ireland

Discussion in 'Banking, credit cards, etc' started by CiaranT, May 10, 2017.

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    In what way??? I am considering switching.
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    I would imagine so, but it may well be a year away.

    Are Tesco still giving clubcard points when you use their credit card ?

    .. if so, it will be interesting to see if that is continued post transaction with Avantcard.

    The staff at Avantcard are nice to deal with by telephone, but I do not consider their rates competitive and they lack any sort of loyalty scheme etc. Avantcard have recently migrated all customers to Mastercard, promising benefits, but I've yet to see how the customers actually benefit.
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    Yes, one clubcard point for every €8 spend. A lot less than was previously given but I still found it worthwhile. If it's not continued, and I suspect it won't, I think I'll be switching.
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    The Irish Times article says it is being continued.
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    Yes, hopefully it will.
  7. TomOC

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    Yes, it's continuing which I am surprised about. See below from Tesco site.


    What happens to my ClubCard points after the transfer is approved?

    Your Avant Credit card will provide you with the same earn rate as you have today, which is 1 point for every €2 Tesco Spend and 1 point for every €8 spend elsewhere. At transfer, we will issue you with a new ClubCard so you can still collect points and enjoy the benefits of ClubCard.
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    They added interest charges onto my bill even though the balance is paid off each month, apparently related to non-Euro transactions on top of the non-Euro transactions!
    They refunded the interest after I threatened to report the matter to the FSO, they later said it was a computer glitch. They then fiddled with my account to make it look like they gave me the interest rather than charged it and then took it back off later, when what really happened is that they took it 23rd March, refunded it 3rd April! Now my account is saying I received the money and they took it back, my paper bill says otherwise.
    I may still take the issue up with them.
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    My letter from Tesco Bank today does not contain the reassurance that points will still be accrued after a change to Avantcard. It only says "for the time being there will be no change to.... your ability to collect Clubcard points."
    Their website does say the Avantcard will provide the same system, but I'm uneasy that this wasn't included in the letter, which includes almost all the same information apart from the headlined "What happens to my clubcard points after the transfer is approved". Why would that paragraph be omitted?