Ulster Ulster Bank redress in this quarter


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Nope nothing here yet either. Totally fed up, and annoyed that nothing will be discussed regarding redress etc by those on the so called helpline or the Operations Dept for that matter. I called them both during the week and was just told once again that it was ongoing and they hope to have it all sorted by June.:(

Joanne Heeney

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I got my letter on the 23rd of Feb so i really don't expect to get anything back until the end of June if they are on schedule. Knowing my luck we will be 3,499


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I'm on the same boat..letter in Feb to say I'm impacted,another on the 2nd April and not a Dickie bird since

Mark Watson

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I have had nothing from Ulster Bank on this matter from May/ June last year. This would probably indicate the last time my account was looked at. Back on tracker Jan 17. Draw down 06.


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Anyone know when the central bank are due to have there review finished? Ombundsman have said basically I'm in limbo until they have finished. Been a long year waiting since the letter arrived that we've been impacted. It's a pity the central bank can't move this on a bit quicker!


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Same case here.

I drew down the mortgage in 2004. I have been in dispute with UB for years now about the tracker issue. They offered to put me back on tracker in 2015, but it was on a higher rate than the one I had left, so I was with the Ombudsman by the time the Examination started.

Got the letter putting me back on the correct tracker rate in Feb 2017. But no repayment yet. I get letters from them every three months, saying there's no update. Most recently, I got one on 23rd December. Got excited for a minute, with all the talk of the accounts which would be resolved by the end of Dec, but no....!