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    Thanks JM that’s v helpful. I don’t have any progress to report- still waiting to get my final response (which is not looking too positive from the stories here) so will have to appeal to the Ombudsman when I get it. Any advice on how to get a final response from UB would be appreciated. I hadn’t heard the line from UB that the staff rate was a lifetime product! Definitely not the case as on my previous mortgage I moved to staff rate and back to tracker again. I can’t imagine that will hold up as an argument as there is nothing to advise of this when moving to staff rate. Best of luck with Ombudsman keep us posted!
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    No further word from UB on this. We requested all info they had on us and got it last week. Sifted through it all over the weekend. There's no forms or info on switching to the staff rate, or on requesting to go back to the tracker.
    Did anyone else sign when moving to the staff rate?
    Going to get a letter drafted up this week to send back
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    Hi....so many similar cases! I’ve a case with ombudsman since August ‘18. Had to push hard for a final response letter. Remediated on smaller part of mortgage but not on staff portion (also advised re lifetime product yet this wasn’t the case back in c2006 when I moved to staff rate ....did not sign anything. Requested all docs from mortgages sept and only T&Cs are those of original tracker! Latest update I got this week from ombudsman was a ‘summary of complaint’ was being prepared and will be sent to provider (UB) and I would be notified when this would happen. I read an article somewhere that ombudsman were dealing with c3k+ cases. The more who raise this staff tracker issue the better!

    If we knew back in c2009 what we know now as a result of the remediation programme we would have all requested to go back to tracker! It was and is a very grey area....general consensus back then was you weren’t allowed move back as fixed residual part of mortgage was not allowed back on tracker upon expiry (which is now found to be incorrect and remediated!)

    Fingers crossed the right thing will be done and soon ....it’s gone on far too long with so much uncertainty for all involved
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    It is so encouraging folks to know we are not alone...I really feel very strongly about this issue. Apologies I hadn't been notified of the replied to my last message for some reason.
    The only update I can add to this since my last message is...still no word from ub or ombudsman, however I have been in touch with Michael McGrath TD...was impressed by his response in the Indo article this week.... I got a response from him too saying he was meeting a group of staff from another bank also...I guess the more people who speak up from UB the more we will have to be listened to.
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    I have been in the same situation for over 12 months. Part Tracker moved to Staff Rate in 2008 but refused to go back to Tracker since 2009. Managed to get hold of terms and conditions of staff rate no mention of not being allowed to switch back. Advised by UB that my request to switch was granted as an "exception" as technically not in scope yet they refuse to this day to accept that I should have been able to return to a Tracker. Ombudsman only option now. Going straight to Investigation as don't see what Mediation will accomplish.