My experience with installing SEAI grant aided solar PV


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Hi. Thanks for your great report. I am at the point of installing an almost identical system but am torn between suppliers. My first choice company is not responding to emails of calls so I must write them off. My second choice seems to have difficulty answering semi technical questions. I am being quoted similar prices to yours but who can I depend on? I'm not sure if this site supports PMs as I don't see a link to that.
i used a company based in Dublin but work around the country, I'm based in the mid west . They're called save me money wind and solar. They were mentioned earlier in the thread. I've mine installed about 14 months now and still think they're excellent.


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HI went ahead and got the 4.2KW setup with Battery and Solis Hybred inverter No Diverter and so far so good
total cost after grant will be 4700e It took the installers about 10hrs to install on a Bungalow roof including all electrics
firemans etc a very neat job and with information and advice every step of the way At the moment i am using less than I generate
so will look at an I booster or other type of Diverter one I can install myself or maybe extra pylontech battery at a later date

Something to be aware is the size of the Solis inverter and the battery cage it takes up a lot of space I have mine
in the utility room

I all ready see they advantages of the set up allthough the main disadvantage on a sunny day is watching all
that power go back to the grid .
others on this forum remarked If you had 5k the Banks would give you SFA
in interest on that amount so at todays rates it may be the better investment
for that 5k

Hi - which company did you go for in the end? Can't see it referred to in the thread. You got a similar-sized system to what I'm looking at but your pricing seems really very good in comparison to quotes I'm getting. Thanks in advance