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Discussion in 'Mortgages and buying and selling homes' started by Liam D Ferguson, Jul 16, 2002.

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    Topical issues

    Should I buy a property with a mortgage or rent? July 2014

    What is the lowest mortgage rate for low LTV mortgages for new business?

    Getting a mortgage if you're self-employed

    House too small for my family - what are our options?

    How we got a negative equity trade up from EBS

    Preparing for a mortgage application

    Splitting up while in negative equity

    Should I overpay my SVR mortgage?

    Should I overpay my tracker mortgage?

    Fixed or variable? Brendan Burgess October 2012

    What happens if you get declined for life insurance? Liam Ferguson May 2013

    Mortgage calculators

    Which is the best mortgage calculator?

    Brendan Burgess' guide to Mortgage Repayment Calculations

    How capital payments, increasing your repayments or falling into arrears affects your mortgage

    Topical issues

    Should I buy a house for cash or rent and invest the money instead?
    I own a home and I have €200k cash. Should I buy another property or invest in the stock market?
    I own a home worth €200k and I have €300k cash. Should I trade up to a house worth €500k?
    I live abroad, should I buy a home in Ireland for when I return?

    Standard Variable Rate for all lenders

    History of ECB rate

    Buy now or continue to rent and buy later? Brendan Burgess June 2012

    Carmel's story - Sold house; now renting; but looking to buy

    Should I sell my house in negative equity or keep it and rent it out?

    What is a fair price for paying off a tracker early?

    Guide to Buying a House at Auction
    March 2011 Brendan Burgess

    Are the lenders giving discounts to borrowers to pay off their trackers early?

    Selling your house and buying another

    How to negotiate with estate agents The Irish Property Price Tracker

    What happens if I sell a house with negative equity?

    Borrowing and Mortgages

    Key Post Non-Resident Mortgages for Irish abroad

    The costs of buying a house

    Advantages and disadvantages of using a mortgage broker

    Tips for when you are about to apply for a mortgage

    ptsb mortgages holders are entitled to a payment holiday of 3 months

    Interest Rates V APR

    Home Loan Reversion and Equity Release for older people

    What to do if the seller has lost the title deeds Carmel February 2013

    House Buying generally

    I am thinking of trading up, but keeping my old house as an investment

    Mortgage Protection and Mortgage Repayment Protection Policies

    Separatees can be treated as first time buyers

    House Insurance

    Online house and contents insurance

    Buying a House with a Friend - Draft Agreement

    Stamp duty saving when buying out a share in a house

    Useful background information on the legal work involved in conveyancing

    Tips for dealing with estate agents when buying

    What to do with an endowment mortgage shortfall

    Snag Lists

    Claiming tax relief at source

    What does AMV mean? Advised Minimum Value
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