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    I have just spent the last while searching askaboutmoney and reading through the key posts, but I can't find a good lists of costs to take into account when selling one house and buying another (not a first time buyer).

    My draft so far is
    Auctioneers fees: 1.25% of selling price (only one quote so far)
    Advertising: 300e (only one quote so far)
    Solicitor fees: 1200e? (no quote yet)
    BER Cert: 300e? (no quote yet)

    Stamp Duty: Depends on cost of house
    Solicitor: 1200e? (no quote yet)
    Survey: 500e (no quote yet)
    Valuation: 150e? (no quote yet)

    I would be grateful for comments on what I am forgetting. Also if anyone has some more realistic costs (we are based in Dublin). Of course if my poor search skills have missed a similar post, I would be delighted to look at a relevant previous post.

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    We are in the same position as you, except a little ahead - house is currently for sale.
    Our EA is 1% + advertising (300) + VAT (Others are up to 2% I believe)
    Solicitor cost is 3000 (inc VAT) for both the selling and buying part. Other quotes I got were from 3000-3500
    BER you can get for under 150. Do shop around for this one.
    For buying, the builder survey depends on size of house, extent of survey etc. I had quotes from 300-600 for a detached bungalow in Meath.
    Good luck.
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    Re Costs of Buying and Selling a House

    Hi Carmel
    Have you tried i used them for my Solicitor and Engineer when i was buying and selling and they were top class and i got great quotes, make sure that you get them to send you on there indemnity insurance and qualifications etc, and you can also check out the Solicitor on rate my solicitor .ie, don't necessarily pick the cheapest quote or a Solicitor that is nearby, my Solicitor was from Cork and the Engineer was from Dublin and i live in Limerick most things can be done by email and they will travel to sign papers or inspect Properties. Shop around
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    Costs of buying an dsellings

    Thanks very much for those replies, very useful

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    The biggest cost is stamp duty.

    The next biggest cost will probably be the decoration and furnishing of your new home.

    Don't forget moving costs.