Is Moving Your €€ out of Ireland unpatriotic??

Discussion in 'Deposits' started by Mommah, 25 Nov 2010.

  1. Mommah

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    My grandfather fought in the war of independance and in the civil war.
    He put his life at risk for this country, sacrificed his legal career and had to go "on the run" lived in the mountains being fed by locals.

    What would he think if I move the bulk of my savings abroad.
    Would I be spitting on his grave?

    Should we stand and fight this economic battle or run for the hills?
  2. z107

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    Patriotism is a mugs' game. Ask yourself how patriotic the current government are with their actions.

    Patriotism is an idea invented to keep certain groups either wealthy and/or in power.
  3. marti18

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    run if you can because this government doesnt give a damn bout you me or anybody..

    if i won the lottery id be out a here and take all my money wth me
  4. spreadsheet

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    It's completely your own business what you do with your after-tax money. You already paid your taxes toward the common good of the country.
  5. tiger

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    Ask the two Brians if either of them has any of their personal deposits with non-irish banks.
  6. Marietta

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    Bertie had his under the pillow he was very psychic and ahead of his time:)
  7. marti18

    marti18 Guest

    CLEVER MAN INDEED.....he surely smelt something! he sure is lying low at the moment.

    i better use good language but its very difficult to describe such a man than a complete B and his counterparts that followed him are not much better
  8. bluemac

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    once they put a NEW bank in place state run for investment in enterprise and Business (not for house or home building) I will be happy to open an account and put my money in it. As long as its not run by any of the old crowd.. until then its abroad.

    I recon they could get 50 billion in deposits in the first 3 -6 months... imagine what they could do with that.. I admit it would be goodbye to the rest of them..
  9. Bobby1

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    Im amazed at how people over-reacting in the last few weeks, the media have hyped this all up to the point everyone is convinced the country is about to go bust....Im glad the IMF are in as they will sort out the country since the gov cant

    RTE are the worst offenders, programme afer programme of talking us into a deeper recession then we are in. Why cant Irish people cop the hell on and see that the EU will not let us fail, they have said it enough times.

    First sign of trouble and everyone floods to pull money from irish banks to put it with the very countries that loaned us the money that has us in the problems we are in - Germany, UK and France!!!!

    There is talk people are moving money for fear the EURO will fail..... so what are people doing putting it in german banks, which will revert to DM!

    This is the time Irish people need to stand firm for the good of the country, like the OP stated, we have gone through much worse and come out the other end, sadly we have become a nation of Joe Duffy followers... Joe says jump and we say how high. Keep your funds with irish banks the guarantee schemes in place will protect deposits, and we have EU, IMF, UK Norway all pledging money to us to help us out.

    Im with the OP, very unpatriotic pulling funds from Irish banks..... all your doing is adding to the problems we have and for god sake we have enough!
  10. farmerette

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    thats all very well but the problem is this , the people have no faith whatsoever in the goverment and especially mr cowen , had this goverment resigned two years ago or at least three months ago , the people could have elected a new goverment with a fresh mandate , thier would be less cynicism around and i firmly believe we would not have seen the same exodus of deposits

    the situation is such at the moment that were mr cowen to even appear on tv and tell the nation that deposits were perfectly safe , few if anyone would believe him , him and lennehan are devoid of credibility at this stage
  11. wavejumper

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    completely agree, and I'm not even Irish, but I live and pay my taxes here. I find the general attitude of deserting the country when things go bad ridiculous. Stand your ground, vote for the party you think it's going to introduce changes. Packing your bags and stashing the money away is not going to change anything.
  12. Godfather

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    Even if I would be irish I would distiguish between love for my nation and love for the savings I cumulated in a lifetime by working hard... :confused:
  13. spreadsheet

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    Why don't you take that argument further and say it's unpatriotic not to use your accumulated savings by spending in the local economy to stimulate growth.

    This reminds me of the "it's unpatriotic to shop in the North" argument!

    Next going on holidays to a foreign country will be unpatriotic.
  14. DB74

    DB74 Frequent Poster

    You're just a rat deserting a sinking ship. Except you're not actually leaving the ship. You're staying to moan about the additional taxes to prop up the banks and whinge because they have no money to lend when actually you are the problem as to why they have no money to lend. If the country is no good for your money then why not just leave with it. You're no better than the people who left in the famine instead of the ones who stuck it out through the hard times. You should be ashamed to call yourself Irish.

    PS - does anyone know what time Sainsburys in Newry opens on Saturdays?
  15. farmerette

    farmerette Frequent Poster


    the problem is the goverment and thier complete lack of credibility in terms of earning the peoples trust to neogotiate a deal which will determine our future through several generations , people simply dont trust this goverment to handle our fianancial affairs properly , all they see is arse covering at every turn , a new goverment would have a fresh mandate and i believe thier would not have been anything like the same exodus of deposits under a new untarnished regime
  16. johnnyjb

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    Since he risked his life for his country (one way or other) i say he wouldnt mind you not letting the shower of yes men rob you of your savings and potential inheritence to further generations of his family. He fought for freedom not for money men to play risky games.

    Imagine if any of those guys were still alive. They would burn the whole lot of "our leaders" out of it.

    Dont know bout actually moving it though. Not up to date with that carry on!
  17. bullworth

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    I agree with the above sentiment. Your grandfather didnt fight for the golden circle who have already moved vast amounts of cash out of the country. People have been moving money out of this country for decades into eastern european property etc. Its your money. You can do what you like with it.
  18. elcato

    elcato Moderator

    I agree with all this it's just a pity that DB74's word seem to be in jest. I would seriously say to all the whingers to please do us all a favour and emigrate as quick as possible and let those who stay get on with the recovery process. Go over to your Cricklewoods and Kilburns and whinge, moan and get drunk and tell everyone how you'd love to be back in Ireland some day but that you're making a fortune and all the people who stayed are idiots. You'll be missed like a visit to the dentist !
  19. shnaek

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    Would it not be better if the people who are happy with the status quo emigrated, leaving those who want to change the country here to make the place better? Not whingers, but actors of course. No point in whinging and doing nothing about it.
  20. suemoo1

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    Is he still in the kitchen press?? lyning low.. i havent seen him in months.. is he ever even in the dail??