"Energy Centre"

Discussion in 'Is this a scam?' started by dub_nerd, Mar 12, 2018.

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    Like "Firefighters", this is not a scam, just a very misleading cold-calling tactic. Guy at the door with a clipboard immediately announced he wasn't selling anything, just offering a free switcher service and a free energy review of heating, lighting etc. He raced out a spiel about SEAI grants, the tone of which would easily lead you to believe he was from some official body. I cut him off and asked him who he worked for. He said "The Energy Centre, we have 70% of SEAI grants" ... I can't swear those were the exact words, he was babbling it all out at a rate of knots. I asked if the energy centre was a commercial company and he eventually said yes. Told him I wasn't interested and shut the door.