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    This may not be a scam as such, but I found it pretty distasteful. Got a knock at the door just now ...

    Young lady: "Hi I won't keep you long"

    Me (thinking, but not saying): "You've got that right".

    Young lady (flashing an ID card): "I'm here from firefighters. We're talking to people about fire safety".

    Me: "Uh ... right ..."

    (she looks about eighteen, heavily made up, wearing a blue dress that's too tight and split to the thigh ... basically the most unlikely looking firefighter I've ever seen. I seriously doubt she's from the fire brigade.).

    YL: "I'm sure you saw what happened on the news?..."

    Me: "No".

    YL: "What happened to Grenfell tower"

    Me (thinking): "Has she noticed this is a two-storey mid-terrace, not a tower block".

    Me (out loud): "Who do you work for?"

    YL: "Mini firefighters. It's a new company ..."

    Me: "So you're selling something? ..."

    YL: "Yes, we have this ..."

    (No doubt sensing her window of opportunity closing she thrusts out something that looks like a red can of deodorant. If it's a fire extinguisher it might put out a vigorous birthday candle.)

    Me: "No thanks not interested".
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