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Discussion in 'Service Providers' started by sadie, 14 Dec 2018.

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    It was RedOnion's link.
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    I, too, regret leaving Sky. My mobile is demanding a PUK and I am stuck in the UK with no phone. My eir has decided that I don’t exist. So at the worst possible time I cannot call home or for help. I am a disabled pensioner. Does anyone know is eir behaviour is so bad we can legitimately terminate the contract?
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    Statement released on the 1st April.

    Enough said.
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    My discounted 12-month contract @ €50 monthly with Eir is up this month, it will then go to €76 monthly.

    I rang 1901, put the phone on speaker and went about my various household chores.

    After 35 minutes an agent answered, he said he could only offer advertised packages, none of which have my current allowances etc. He transferred me to their Loyalty Team who should be able to help.

    Another 40 minutes of household chores with the phone on speaker before a loyalty team member came on the line and offered me my current package with a further 12 month contract for €44.98 monthly, that’s €5 less than my current discounted rate, and €31 monthly less than my roll over rate.

    It is wrong that Eir make it so difficult to make contact, change or query, no doubt knowing that many of their complacent customers will just roll over onto these higher rates.

    For 75 minutes, in my case anyway there is a €372 saving over the next 12 months, so well worth it.
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    Crikey, that's a cut and paste of the process I go through with Virgin every year. !!
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    Virgin's customer service is muck as well. Not as bad as Eir but Eir are "queueing for aid during an Ebola outbreak in the Central African Republic" bad.
    Sky have excellent customer service. It's just a pity that their broadband sits on Eir lines and they don't do mobile phones.
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    Have anyone tried their twitter account team? Pretty helpful. Except they can't advise business accounts but they forwarded on the business account email address to me. They are pretty efficient. Given up on staying on hold, too distracting to my day. Just send them an email. I can deal with their response when it suits me
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    I am trying to transfer my other half’s phone on three bill pay to Eir bill pay.

    The new Sim came and it says if you’re trying to keep your number you must call bill pay customer care on 1905....ok great.

    So when you call 1905 it asks 4 times what’s your Eir mobile number is and then cuts you off.......

    So the official letter that comes with the new sim giving you guidance on how to port your existing number to Eir tells you to phone a number that can not be used unless you already have an existing Eir phone number.....

    Before I use some rather strong “virtual” swear words please tell me I’m doing something wrong. Thanks
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    42 minutes on hold with Eire today. Answered at last, explained l was looking for my UAN to change supplier. Was told l was through to 'Roaming' and l needed another department, click more holding music and then cut off! 43.39 on the phone, 10s with a brusque agent and nothing. Online chat were no help but l lodged a complaint by email just for the heckler of it. I will probably just get Sky to switch us!
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    Got Sim for one of the kids (PAYG). Had the same issue. Can't recall how I ended up finding out that they'd have to bring it in to an Eir shop to get sorted. Didn't bother.
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    Your only hope of contacting eir on 1901 is at 9am. Managed to get through to them twice this week within 5 minutes waiting time.
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    I'm amazed at how poor Eir's reputation has become for customer service .. I recently had reason to look for their "Talk to ...." forum over on Boards, and see they've closed it down.

    Between the customer comments on that site, and this one, there's no way I'm going to move to them now.
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    That's the right decision. I moved to get Eir Sport but I now know that I can get it with Sky for €27.50 a month. That's well worth it just to not have to deal with Eir Customer Service.