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Hi, it seems I'm pretty late to the tracker party having checked my terms and conditions umpteen times to see was there any mention of a tracker and saw nothing. We got a mortgage in 2007 and decided to fix for 3 years initially and in Sep 2010 reverted to SVR as only options given were that or various fixed terms. The loan offer just states a monthly amount for the 3 years and then what the new monthly amount for 2010 would be. It gave an APR in 2007 of 5.2%.
Last night I decided to check them again I came across the paragraph in the loan acceptance which states 'we understand that any outstanding debt owing to UB by us at any given time is secured on the property the subject of the tracker mortgage and must be repaid in full before the title deeds can be returned etc etc'

Fell into arrears from 2011 to 2014 and they were an impossible bunch to deal with. Harassment was no name for it. I have no faith in them but have I got an iota of a chance? And if so what do I do now. Appreciate any input.

Hi Paula, if at all possible, could you upload the loan acceptance page of your UB mortgage that mentions Tracker Mortgage (redact any identification information) to this thread. If it can be shown that it was your legitimate expectation that you believed your fixed rate would default to a tracker mortgage as opposed to an svr mortgage, you could have a strong case for the FSPO to adjudicate upon.