Aib staff mortgage

Discussion in 'Tracker mortgages - other than redress issues' started by Rarrrrrr, Mar 18, 2016.

  1. Gracie debru

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    Not 100% bit as far as I know fixed never put back on tracker is now on a rate pf 0.95%
  2. Andy836

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    That's nice result!

    But do you know if they were

    a) originally on 100% tracker, then moved to staff rate, and then moved to SVR, but now been moved back on to the old tracker, or
    b) original loan was 50% tracker & 50% staff rate, and they've now moved the 50% that was once on a staff rate which was moved to SVR has now been moved to the tracker.

    Appreciate you mightn't know this but I think this is the crux of the problem for many people.
  3. Sleven273

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    @Gracie debru Do you know if this was since the updated increase of 4000 being included?