Willie Penrose quits cabinet over closure of Mullingar barracks

Discussion in 'Letting Off Steam' started by Shawady, Nov 15, 2011.

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    'Practising' ?

    I would advise you so to look into what they do. You would be surprised !

    Who patrols the coast and our waters by air? The Air Corp.

    Who fly the Garda helicopters? The Air Corp.

    Who fly the Ministerial aircraft? The Air Corp.

    Who provided the recent Air Ambulance for that young girl to Kings Cross Hospital in London? The Air Corp.
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    Should be a coast guard, then we could get funding from the EU

    Should be the Garda.

    Should be the Garda

    A government jet is usually used for these flights.

    In fairness the Air Corp do train lots of pilots for commercial airlines... at a cost of over€250’000 per pilot (when they leave and get a better paid job). Now that’s a great use of tax payers money!
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    You overestimate my influence dramatically - just a mere footsoldier, who rarely sets foot in Ely Place.

    On the broader issue, it was a dreadful decision by Penrose. Sends out all the wrong signals.

    I'm not so sure that his motives were around protecting his own seat for the next election, given his age and his recent health issues. He was well known for having a very active practice as a Barrister while still a TD, prior to his appointment as Minister.