Willie Penrose quits cabinet over closure of Mullingar barracks

Discussion in 'Letting Off Steam' started by Shawady, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. Shawady

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    Willie Penrose has resigned from government over the closure of Mullingar barracks.
    A government (super) minister gone before their first budget. Doesn't inspire confidence.

  2. DB74

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    And where is Willie Penrose's constituency?

    Oh look, it's Longford Westmeath!

    Just proves what a self-serving shower most politicians are

    Instead of biting the bullet and explaining to his constituents that hard decisions have to be made, Penrose resigns and virtually guarantees his seat in the next election.
  3. ontour

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    TD - Penrose resigns over Mullingar barraack
    Local Councillors - Mick Dollard and co back up Penrose
    MEP - Childers kicking up over Kevin Cardiff

    Busy day in Labour HQ -- I would say that Complainer is on the bus heading for Ely Place as we speak ;-)
  4. DerKaiser

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    Sure labour still think they're in opposition, as does the electorate judging by the recent elections.

    You turn on oireachteas report and you get labour backbenchers having a go at the government along with Ming & Mick Wallace!

    People say Gilmore is not performing? Rubbish, with this approach labour will lead the next government. Though how they'll weasel out of their responsibilities at that point is anyone's guess!!!
  5. Purple

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    I think it says just as much about the electorate.
    Some people are of the opinion that we get the politicians we deserve. I disagree, I think that on balance, not withstanding how bad they are, we have better politicians than we deserve.
  6. shnaek

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    How do we address this? Or is there any solution?
  7. Knuttell

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    All politics is local,Willie understands that perfectly,it will play well in Westmeath in particular Mullingar,Willie was quite put out anyway with his "Super" Minister job...he deserved better frankly...if a clown like Shorthall can get a portfolio then He should have gotten a full Ministers job.
  8. micmclo

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    Just politics

    The sitting TD nearest my area didn't lose her seat over NAMA or banks or welfare or national issues. She got heckled and abused over the downgrading of the local hospital.
    She narrowly lost out and without doubt it was the local hospital that ruined her
    The local hospital/barracks/civil service offices have made and broken many political careers.

    And Longford-Westmeath is no different to any other area

    Penrose is now a martyr and will stroll in next election, he knows what his voters care about, local issues

    Just politics ;)
  9. Delboy

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    Penrose is thinking of the future allright, but maybe not his....is there any of the immediate family in politics?
    I think his vote has always been more personal, rather than tied into any socialist party loyalties
  10. micmclo

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    Not sure about his family

    He's 55 anyway, there's a few more Dáil terms left in him
  11. rustbucket

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    I havnt really followed this very much but is the closure of Mullingar baracks a local issue?

    If it is, this is what is part of the problem with Irish politics. Local politics should be refocused to county councils etc. Elected TD's and ministers should get on with the job of running the country and make decisions based on the best interest of the nation, not just their local constituency.

    A very bad decision by Penrose In my opinion. There are much bigger problems facing this country.
  12. NOAH

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    coorrect, notice how the media will jump on this item and who really cares, now if he resigns his seat in disgust with the ongoing cronyism, the lies we were told, the junket to ethiopia and all the other foul ups then he would gain my respect. a barracks that's moving 48 miles down the road, cmon , as they say, your having a laugh!
  13. Purple

    Purple Frequent Poster

    I don’t think that this is a cynical exercise by Willie Penrose; he said before the election that he’d resign if the barracks was closed. He’s also very popular in the area and would probably have retained his seat no matter what position he took over this issue. I’d also add that he’s got prostate cancer so he may not be running next time either way.
  14. Olympian

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  15. Mucker Man

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    Is this confirmation that we have way too many TD's?
    This TD is a government minister but he acts like a single issue backbencher.
    Cut the dail numbers to one per county and a few extra for the larger cities.
  16. cork

    cork Frequent Poster

    Both FG and Labour mde so many false promises before the last election.

    Ruairi Quinn & 3rd level fees? Enda Kenny and Roscommon Hospital?

    Closing down a darracks will save precious litttle.

    Barracks will still be needed.

    Figures of a 5 million saving are rubbish.
  17. T McGibney

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    The State is spending €18,000 million more per annum than it earns. Unfortunately, wholesale cuts and facility closures are inevitable.
  18. Shawady

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    Was he opposed to closing any barracks or just the one in his own back yard?
    What about his responsibilities as a minister?
  19. oldnick

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    cork says says "barracks will still be needed"

    -barracks are not needed anywhere. The army is not needed. Why is the state spending nearly a billion per year on the defence forces ? If 200m was diverted to the gardai each year to beef up security and another 100m on civil defence activities (snow,floods etc) we'd save 700m annually.

    STEINER Frequent Poster

    well I think its ridiculous getting 30k for resigning from a position. I looked up the distances from Mullingar to Athlone and 2 routes are 40 miles and 30 miles depending if driving motorway or not. While this will put extra costs and hassle on relocated personnel, its hardly a mindnumbing commute. What do soldiers actually do in their daily work and do we need the numbers we have? It seems we could do with more of a navy to deal with fishery protection and drug smuggling. Living near Baldonnel, I don't know what to make of the AER CORPS, practising their flying for ceremonial presidential or 1916 commemorations.