Key Post Which is the best current account for a personal customer?

Having read the thread and used the comparison websites I am not sure I am any the wiser.

I have a BOI current account. No credit card right now. My other half has AIB with credit card too, and likes the app. BOI app is average at best. We both have Revolut.

We probably want to get to a place where we both have Revolut, credit cards, and a joint account.

I resent paying fees when a relatively large income and balance is linked to an account but seems the banks have moved on from the free days replacing it with tricky to calc and compare fees
Having read the thread and used the comparison websites I am not sure I am any the wiser

Im with kbc and have been very happy with them oer the years.

I had terrible experiences with boi in the past, mainly from a customer service perspective, and hate thought of going bk to them.

Not at all clear on who I should move to. Will need to research further.

My priority is:
1. Customer service
2. Decent app
3. Lower fee
Just FYI, if you don't have a Current Account in Ireland or you do have a current account, but your bank is leaving (KBC/Ulster) you can open a Basic Bank Account with any of thr remaining banks. I did this with AIB, its free banking, you get app and online. The one downside is there is no contactless with the Debit card, but you can use it with Google/Apple pay (I never use card contactless anymore). The other caveat is if you lodge more than the minimum wage to it they will convert it to a regular current account after a year. There was no hassle opening one but I did have to do it in branch (this may have been because it was a joint account, not sure)
I had an issue with Revolut about a year ago, got onto chat, person i got was totaly clueless, and English was very poor. Sorted issue out eventually, but was a red flag for me. Allthough have not had any issues since. Still use it regularly for small items, and have used the advance purchase currency service, on holidays which i found really excellent, a few times. Its really a “going out” account for me, end of, only keep €150 ish in it, unless on holidays, and using currency services. All of the multiple adds and notifications on offers and card upgrading offers etc, can be annoying, but i have to say the instant payment option is excellent. While most people not using cash anymore, there are rare occasions, when you need it, and the Revolut standard card ATM monthly limit before charges, is a way to low @€200 per month. Having N26 as well, solves that issue.

N26 experience (standard card)is superbly better, much better customer service, staff know what they are doing, great and reliable app, and use it for main account & most transactions now, if you can get past the occasional IBAN issues with some utility providers, as there are usually paper forms required, for non IE IBAN. Has a higher fee free, atm limit, than revolut, as its 3 withdrawals free, per month with no amount limit like Revolut has, which is much better, as while those occasions you need cash, are now hugely reduced, it’s better to have a higher limit, if you're paying someone cash for a job around the house etc, or some other random cash transaction. My barber, for example never takes cards, and have come across the odd restaurant that doesen’t either ! N26 is so good, i’d consider upgrading from the basic card, if benefits were good, but no way, would I consider a card upgrade with Revolut.

Still have only one bricks and mortar bank account left with AIB account, (closed several
of these in recent years)i get paid into it, and seldom use it other than that. Fees very low, at around €5 a quarter, but came in handy a few times for the odd cheque, one from insurance company, a refund cheque from a utility provider, and a few other items, plus access to a branch, on those very rare occasions, that it may be needed.
Been with PTSB for many years.
I is quite difficult to get through to a human on the phine but a flat fee of €1 per month keeps me with them