What are we watching on TV?

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    Watched "From Russia to Iran" on C4. Levison Wood walked down through the Caucasus, starting in Armenia then through Georgia (maybe the most beautiful place I've ever seen) etc., ending in Iran. Absolutely fascinating. Modern, open Tehran was a real surprise, with women and men dressed in modern clothes and mixing freely.
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    Watching "Ray Donovan" at the moment and really enjoying it.
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    Strike on BBC1 ... based on the crime novels of "Robert Galbraith" (aka JK Rowling).

    I've recorded this on TV5 on Virgin Media... looking forward to it... repeated Friday night for interested franco-philes \ people who can tolerate subtitles:

    I watched first couple of episodes of Belgian detective series Professor T on More 4... not sure if I'll continue, bit too quirky and mysteries not interesting enough.

    I'm looking forward to the start of scifi anthology series Electric Dreams on Channel 4 this sunday... based on the stories of Philip K Dick (inspiration for Blade Runner, Total Recall).

    And Bridget and Eamonn and their four to six children are back on RTE2 next Tuesday :)
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