Ulster Ulster Bank - lost tracker and then had to sell - no response from Bank so far


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In August 2003 we bought a house. May 2004 we were on a tracker mortgage. Shortly after that we fixed for a year. When we came off the fixed rate we weren't offered the tracker.

Since November 2017 I've contacted Ulster Bank on about 5 different occasions and the only response we have received is that they would be in touch when they have reviewed our case.

In 2012 due to financial restraints, we were forced to sell the house as we could no longer afford the repayments. We never missed a payment but it was very tough for a while.

Does anyone know how long it should take for the bank to get back to us? I managed to speak to someone today and he was able to look at our account but he said that it didn't say anything about whether we were part of the tracker issue (or not). He also said that they hoped to have everything finalised by April 2019 and that if we hadn't heard anything by then that we should get in touch again.

Last question is - I reckon that we should be eligible for redress, but how do I know if I'm right? Any advice on this would be appreciated. Thanks.


I suggest you send a copy of the correspondence to the central bank as well and notify UB of this in the contact letter with them. Did they acknowledge receipt of the letters you have sent already ?


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I have a very similar case to you but another bank. In my own experience the banks don't respond in any meaningful way unless you employ a solicitor or someone like Padraic Kissane to represent you. My account was not reviewed until I requested it. The tracker review had been running for 2 years previous!

1. Request all information from your bank through a foi or sars request.

2. Compile relevant information and ask PK or other to review your case.

3. Send copies of evidence to the Central Bank.

4. Be patient