This book is worth €25,000

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    Charlie Weston and Karl Deeter have just published a book with the above title.

    You can see a sample chapter here:

    Lesson 1: How to get a tax refund

    Each lesson is laid out under the following helpful headings:

    Expected savings or earnings: €900
    Time required: 4 hours
    Difficulty level ★★★
    Where the problem lies
    How to fix it
    The savings explained

    Some things to watch out for
    Useful websites

    You can order it directly from the publishers for €12.99 - not sure how much postage costs.

    Or, in the spirit of the book itself, you can buy it from the Book Depository for only €11.07 postage included!

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  2. noproblem

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    Great idea but just wondering will it be out of date after the budget next month?
  3. Setanta12

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    I think I saw an article over the weekend about how to 'game' the Amazon algorithm and to have your book classed by them as an 'Amazon bestseller'. Assuming it still works, how about as a new title ... 'This book is worth €25,000 ... to you, but much much more to us!'
  4. qwerty5

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    It'll probably still be mostly applicable I'd imagine.
    As long as it saves you > €12.99 you're ahead.
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  5. noproblem

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    I still think the people who might be able to reclaim something aren't the ones who will buy it.
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  6. Monbretia

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    You'd want to be on a nice old income before you could contemplate saving 25k a year, very Dublin/city geared perhaps. Although I suppose that's where the bulk of the population is so maybe it makes sense. My father on reading the bit about it in last week's paper commented that a lot of people where we live wouldn't even earn that per annum.
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  7. ant dee

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    I bought it, I doubt it will save me even €10 but i will probably enjoy the read.
  8. Brendan Burgess

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    Hi Ant

    Do post a review of it here after you have read it.

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  9. Brendan Burgess

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    Here are the contents


    How to Use this Book

    1 Mortgage Protection

    2 Rent a Room

    3 Make Extra Money

    4 Mobile Phone Contracts

    5 Health Insurance

    6 Tax Refunds

    7 Quit Smoking

    8 Composting

    9 Buy in Bulk

    10 Energy

    11 Beat the Bank

    12 Generic Drugs

    13 Use Cold Water

    14 Scrap Expensive TV

    15 Save by Going Online

    16 Motor Insurance

    17 Home insurance

    18 Ditch the Coffee and the Takeaways

    19 Overpay your Mortgage

    20 Save for a Deposit

    21 Welfare for Families

    22 Car Finance

    23 Christmas Spending

    24 Start a Pension

    25 Credit Cards

    26 Help to Buy

    27 Medical Treatment Abroad

    28 Public Transport Costs

    29 Broadband/TV

    30 Dental Expenses

    31 Car Maintenance and Fuel

    32 House-swap Holidays

    33 Hand-me-down Clothes

    34 Recycling

    35 Lose Weight

    36 Change the Lights

    37 Make your Lunch

    38 Convert a Car

    39 Eat Less Meat

    40 Inheritance Tax

    41 Buy a Water Filter

    42 Sell and Declutter

    43 Save with Bananas

    44 Learn to Haggle

    45 Avoid VAT

    46 Get out of Debt

    47 Get Mortgage-ready

    48 Travel Insurance

    49 Avoid Holidays from Hell

    50 The Whole Picture
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  10. jim

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    Sounds like a useful book in fairness.
  11. Firefly

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    Dunno...looking at the Contents posted by Brendan and didn't see anything about ditching the wife!
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  12. Sue Ellen

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    or vice versa!
  13. Firefly

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    Very true. Especially in Jan when the golf sub is due!!
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  14. Cervelo

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    Don't see a chapter on "How to avoid paying back what you borrow". :D
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  15. noproblem

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    In these politically correct times we're temporarily living in one might need to amend to, "versa vice" and also its opposite version.:)
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  16. MrEarl

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    The book is a good idea, but does it have much cross over with John Lowe's book (The Money Doctor) ?
  17. Buddyboy

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    I'm nearly tempted to buy it just to find out what 43 - save with bananas is.
    only "nearly" mind - see I've saved 12.99 already! :)
  18. ant dee

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    Nothing in there that is not common sense or a frequent forum reader wouldn't know really.
    One can just go through the headlines and google search something he finds interesting to see if there is anything he is missing.
  19. aristotle

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    I'm only 5 of the 50 chapters in and yes its fairly common sense and no big surprises to most people who are active in financial forums like this. But I still got one or to nuggets so far and I like that the book is, so far, very actionable and almost tutorial like. It even mentions a broker I used previously for insurance policies who I always found to offer the best prices.

    So thumbs up so far.