Rathcoole living


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Hi all. we are a south african family looking at relocating and immigrating to the Republic of Ireland, i have been in the cycling industry for over 20 years. i see the cycle super store is not far from Rathcoole and will be applying to them closer to when coming over so we are looking at places to rent when we arrive and areas to stay nearby. i have seen that Rathcoole seems to be a very place, great for the kids, schools etc. does anybody have suggestions or comments about Rathcoole.. thanks


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Background, lived there as a teenager and early adulthood and still have a rental there so Ive a vested interest (kinda) in talking the place up ...BUT

Pros: Location if West Dublin is your target area, Avoca(if that's your thing) , Park , has all the basics.

Cons: Its a technically still a village but without any charm, Traffic is chronic, over development, the pubs and cafes are not great (that's being kind), be prepared to travel for anything beyond the basics or family stuff.
I agree with comment in other thread ..there is a weird vibe in the place that's hard to articulate.

Conclusion: I moved away and would not move back