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his morning on Newstalk was a playback of an interview with Niall O' Grady of PTSB (coincidentally he gave me my first loan). He was doing a beautiful PR job for them. One interesting point and he was pressed on it, was to know if the policy of not giving back the trackers deliberate and he was evasive. He did not categorically state it was not deliberate but rather he said that there was no proof of it being deliberate (I cannot remember the words he used but you get the gist)

Apparently there is going to be an Oireachtas questioning of the PTSB and I'd really like if they honed in on this as I'm convined it was deliberate as these things don't happen by accident. Question 1. There had to have been a meeting on it, emails or minutes and instructions given to staff.

Question 2. Another question to try and get the answer on this might be to ask why was the variable lower than the tracker. If it was lower than the tracker it must have been making no money for the bank, in fact it was presumably costing them. Why would a bank do that. Who made the decision to price the variable so low.

Further to Joan's case

Question 3. Just to add another question:

Why were customers on fixed rates telephoned by the bank to offer them a no penalty get out clause. That's unheard of.

a) to telephone without reason
b) it has to be deliberate policy
c) someone decided to order staff to do this (meeting, email, note, order, instruction)
d) there had to have been a meeting by the higher ups to do this, to sanction it, to allow no penalty, to telephone, to offer a low variable.
e) how did they physically remove the penalties that would generally be imputted.
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