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Discussion in 'Mortgages and buying and selling homes' started by Lemurz, 1 Mar 2005.

  1. Lemurz

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    A house has just gone on sale in an estate I'm very interested in moving to. I can't be bothered dealing with the estate agent as I can't stand their mind games and their sky high fees.

    Is there anything to stop me approaching the owner and trying to agree a private sale?

    Does an agent agent have any legal recourse if we agree a private sale without their involvement?


  2. sluice44

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    Estate agents can ask the seller to sign a contract that says they get paid regardless of how it's sold. Ouch!

    I signed up with an Esate Agent but sold the house privately. I paid him €300-odd for his time (6 viewings x €50).

    No harm in asking the seller to go private - the seller pays the estate agent afterall.
  3. rainyday

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    Hi Lem - How did you hear about the house being up for sale?
  4. Lemurz

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    A neighbour advised me about two weeks ago, that the house was being sold.

    Since the weekend an auctioneer's sign has appeared in the garden.
  5. N0elC

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    Just agree with the vendor that they want to take the house off the market with the estate agent, and then agree a price.

    The vendor shouldn't have any liability to the estate agent for a private sale, as such clauses aren't all that common anymore, but they will need to check that for themselves.

    If I were a vendor, I'd be delighted not to have to pay estate agent's fees !
  6. oysterman

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    Good answer!

    Looks like the vendor would be able to dismiss the agent with no liability and a clean conscience and deal with you privately.