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  1. Nationaldude

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    Hi all,

    I'm trying to get motor insurance for my father in-law, he's 78 and some of the quotes I'm getting are scandalous, over €2200 for some of them! Most other places I've tried won't even give a quote, anybody know of a broker or online insurance crowd that cater for the older driver?

  2. ClubMan

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    Apologies for bumping this one but my mother's motor insurance is up for renewal and I'm wondering what, if any, options there might be for shopping around?
    I haven't checked yet but the word seems to be that the best she can hope for is that her current insurer continues to insure her and the chances of being able to get (better value) cover elsewhere are slim?
    She just got her renewal (I'm not sure but I think that she may be insured through the AA) and it's c. €1.2K up from about €900 last year.
    She's 87, has a 1L 142 Hyundai i10, c. 20 years clean license, no claims, no points.
    Any suggestions?
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    My father went through his local brokers and got a good deal - an increase of 10%-odd. He's 73. Not sure if the policy is with the same underwriter.
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    Thanks rob.
    I did a bit of shopping around online and, as expected, some providers will not quote.
    Some will in or around the €1-1.2K mark similar to her renewal quote.
    But Liberty are quoting €660 (comp) or €760 (comp + NCB protection) with two named drivers (daughters with own cars).
    So once again they seem competitive and having two named drivers with full/clean licenses brings the price down - without the two named drivers it's c. €1K. :)

    First time cover for 50 year old on learner permit!
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  5. Brendan Burgess

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    It's worth trying a broker.

    In the UK they have Saga although I am not sure if they are very good value.

  6. ClubMan

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    My mother actually had a claim in 2013 which I was not aware of when shopping around.
    So the quote is actually €870 and no NCB protection (needs 4+ years NCB).
    I checked with a broker that I've dealt with before and they said it'd be difficult to beat that given the risk profile.
    Thanks for the feedback.
    Hope this helps somebody else.