New Houses in Diswellstown Castleknock


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Hi all,
We're in the process of buying one of the last remaining houses in the estate.
I've probably loads of questions but I'll start with one of the more inconsequential, if you don't mind....

I've read elsewhere in this thread that the satellite feed is shared in the estate, so there's no need for houses to be putting up their own dishes, but instead you tap into the feed coming from a single dish somewhere in the estate and then just patch that into your own Sky-box. Sounds great. But then I see one or two houses with satellite dishes regardless. Did they not get the memo? Are there other satellites that they could be pointing at instead (e.g. for Eastern European or African satellite services)?

Secondly, has fibre-broadband been rolled out in Hamilton Park?

Thirdly, as A-rated houses, is it a problem cooling them down, particularly in the summer? I'm not a fan of throwing open the windows at night because it's not only cold air that can get in.

Finally (for the moment), has anyone here put an upright piano in their livingroom yet? Or more importantly, has anyones' next-door neighbours put an upright piano in the livingroom yet? How's the soundproofing? Does any of the noise creep through?


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There's probably a shared feed in the apartments but not for the houses. You'd have to put up your own Sky dish.

There is Virgin broadband in the estate, not sure about Sky or Eir. My neighbour says Sky don't have broadband here but I've never checked.

You can change the settings on the ventilation system to work harder during the summer but it's nothing like AC. So yes, during this current hot weather, it gets sticky at night. But just ditch the duvet and open the windows you'll get used to it. The bedroom are on the second floor and its not the sort of place you have to worry about someone using a ladder to get into you. You'll be thankful of the A-rating in winter when you're house stays at 19-20 degrees without the heating on.

Soundproofing is pretty good. Conversation and tv noise is not a problem. Directing banging on things connected to the partition wall obviously resonate through.


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Hi all, planning to buy a 2 bed apartment in Crafton hall, HP. I see they are over priced, but going with the location and accessibility. As a first time buyer, not sure if this is the right move. Would like to see any reviews coming through, thanks.