My Story 1 Income, Spouse & 2 Kids

Discussion in 'Money makeover' started by tomtim, 28 Apr 2011.

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    tomtin - youre doing great. Really well done!!

    Its so good that you come back and post updates, this thread will be so useful to people who find themselves in a similar situation to you and cant see a way out.
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    Some more good news - The BOI debt have accepted a reasonable payment plan that’s affordable so hopefully that’s everything in place for me to clear the debts over the next couple of years.

    I'll keep this thread updated every month!
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    This is a great thread, you are doing so well and are such an inspiration to others. Well done on the BofI deal, it shows others that if they sit down with their bank deals can be made.

    You might need to factor in saving something for xMas. You don't want to get wiped out again by a big blip like that. Home made presents etc. I had roast chicken for xmas dinner last year (long story) and it was a perfect dinner in every way, the best in years.
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    keep it going

    Hello Tomtim,

    Just wondering how you were getting on 6 months down the line.

    hope all is to plan and all going well.
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    Just to throw in something here. SuperValu had frozen turkeys on special last December for one day only at €5 for 4 kilo bird. I also picked one up this Easter also for €5. Available one day only. You need to register with website to get email that is sent out the day before. Bought the following in Aldi on Good Friday. 2 kilo bag of Kerr Pink Potatoes 18c, pack of 6 tomatoes 18c, Bag of carrots 18c, 6 Kiwis 18c, pack of Parsnips 18c.
    I certainly think that roast chicken is more flavoursome than turkey.
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    Its been ~6 years since my last post.. hard to believe but so much has changed since 2012.

    In late 2012 I decided we were not going to sacrifice the next 30 years paying down a 250k mortgage for a 2 bed apartment which was valued at 100k and needing 30k remedial works due to extensive pyrite damage. I voluntarily surrendered the property and focused on earning more to provide for my family. I set a goal of earning three digits per year and started working towards it. It required moving city, a lot of sacrifice and changing companies a number of times but here we are. Its been a very hard slog, I'm on the verge of tears thinking about all the financial shit we have been through as a family the last few years, I won't bore you with the stories but there are many.
    All debts are paid off now and we are finally comfortable every month, not needing to worry about bills, when is payday, selling stuff to pay bills and so on. I am happy to report we have zero loans or credit cards and I can say with absolute certainty it will stay that way indefinitely. The focus now is on continuing to increase our income, continue saving and purchasing a home with zero mortgage. We have decided to wait this current housing bubble out for 5 more years and evaluate.

    I will report back again hopefully sooner this time.
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    Congrats Tomtim!
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    Congrats on sorting out your financial affairs - not easily done I am sure, and was no doubt required very hard decisions

    This is a noble objective, but if you are paying rent at the same time as saving for a house it may not be the wisest strategy overall.

    That said, you may not be in Ireland and therefore things may be different
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    Fair play. Well done.
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