Key Post: smart telecom broadband



I work at a cometing ISP and I can fill you in on the smart issues.
I did not read all the posts so not sure if this has been covered.
Smart setup there own equipment in Eircom exchanges - still use Eircom copper for the last mile.
As Eircom are Twats they make it hard for smart to get in - this is half of the reasons for the delay.
If you have read a paper recently you would have heard that smart are in trouble. They let of 27 top executives that they pay a fortune for (stole them from Eircom) and the CEO has stepped down for health reasons (So he says).
Even more recently they have let 89 sales staff selling to residental people like most here - there new market plan is to concerntrate on Business.
Also there are 18,000 BB customers - so don't rush to be in the first 100,000 - plenty of space left.
To be honest we have a pool here to see how long they will last.
They are out of money - spend €3 million a month and have 1 backer financing them untill the 3G license come through - if that doesn't happen (which is not looking good) then he is out and they will be looking for a buyer quick SMART.

But hey - If they were in my area I would go for the product. They are selling under cost and not making money - funny business model, who thought that would work.

If anyone has stocks in them well you know you have lost your money already B4 you read this.

I am glad what they have done in the market as it has forced down the Eircom prices.
I only wish someone would do this to the ESB next as my bills are going through the roof.




I'm in the same industry and would agree with some of your comments. The business model is somewhat flawed but failed mainly due to Eircom being a law onto themselves and maybe an egotistical desire to grow the organisation based on size and staff numbers rather than substance and EBITDA. We speculated on them failing pretty much every sales/technical meeting for the last three years but it actually now seems that they are making some serious yet intelligent decisions about how they will run their business going forward. If the infrastructure and over reliance on Eircom means that Smart have to concentrate on their core areas of profitability to prosper then you can't blame them for that. On the share issue, I don't think AAM allows discussion on particular shares so I will just say this....I have bought shares before when a company was struggling and they had bottomed out and succeeded in making a profit.....Keep in mind that there are some serious investors involved here and would appear determined to get a return on their sizeable investments......