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its: [broken link removed]

out of interest I got a quote from them the other day and they quoted me nearly half what I paid last month to another insurer....DOH!! Too late this year but they will be first port of call next year. PS - the on-line quote can be reduced if you ring them up.
Britton Insurance

I got a really cheap quote from the above mentioned. They were by far cheaper that anyone else I got quotes from
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My insurance is up shortly so I took a look at Britton (to prepare myself for the dreaded renewal notice). I was surprised to see a bargain quote of EUR1090.20 for an AXA policy. Convinced this couldn't possibly be right I went back and checked the details.
There was one mistake I had put "Axa Insurance" as my previous insurer so I changed this to "Axa Broker" and continued, expecting the same pleasent result(it seemed such a small change). Instead I got a quote of EUR1548.04 for the same policy with Axa.
I'm no insurance expert, but I fail to see how obtaining a policy through a broker, rather than direct from Axa last year could justify a 42% higher premium this year!

Also, it struck me that the whole experience of filling in the form for Britton was very similar to so I tried it there. Exactly the same results, except they were offering a discount off the premium for the same policy(approx. 10%).
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You can find IFSRA's car insurance survey [broken link removed]. It is to be updated every 3 months. The PDF file also contains some general useful information.

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Ringing around looking for insurance for a provisional driver and Britton Insurance ar 33% cheaper than next 2 quotes and 50% better than highest. They wouldn't say who the policy is with, who could it be..

PS Hibernian Direct wouldn't quote - so that's how they "bring down the price of insurance" LOL
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The difference in premium between these two distribution channels is supposed to be 5%. At least, this is what the providers tell the broker market.

In practice, this is a fallacy. Your premium is now based on how hungry the provider is for business at the time of the quotation request and how targets are going.

I think that underwriting has taken a back seat, in fact I would say that it is in the trunk at this stage.
car insurance

Just renewed my car insurance for 2004. Tried online sites, brokers and calling the co.'s directly.

Found that the online quotes are pretty useless. For example, Hibernian Direct online won't accept quotes if you have made a claim in the last five years. I have made two claims in the last five years and I got a quote from Hibernian through a broker.

Of all the quotes I received, online were the most expensive. My cheapest quotes were from brokers.

In the end went with a broker.

Difference between the most expensive and cheapest quote was €700!
Car Insurance - brokers


Have tried various online qoutes - same experience as everyone else i.e. more expensive than phoning directly. Apart from the AA (current broker), does anyone have any suggestions for a good broker.


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Thought I'd list the quotes I got this year on the annual ring around:

AA insurance (016179100) 563.00
Allianz Direct (1850484848 ) 704.00
One Direct (1890222222) 708.00

The first was my existing insurer.

Insurance for Pickups

Any advise for getting an insurance quote for a Mitsubishi L200 double cab pickup for private use?

Most insurance companies don't even seem to know what it is.
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Also found AA cheapest a long shot...

AA...625 euro
everyone else...800-1000 euro..

think you need at lease 5 yrs NCB though...!!

Just renewed for 2004, tried all the online quotes mentioned in this post, and found every one of them useless (all around 1500 - 2000), except for Hibernian direct (1300), which was cheaper than britton brokers (1320) . However, Quinn Direct undercut all of them by by a fair margin and came in at 1127, so i am a happy camper.
Car Insurance - Excellent quote.

My wife's insurance is due for renewal in November. Last year she went through Cornmarket "Nurses Group Motor Insurance Scheme". They quoted her €722 for this year.

Last Sunday's Independent (Oct 10 2004) said this about FBD "The survey shows quotes from seven different insurers for 12 different customer profiles. FBD came out cheapest for four of the profiles and second cheapest for a further four profiles". I gave them a call (1850 617 617) and they quoted me just under €640!!

NOTE: I don't work with FBD or know anybody working there. I thought I'd just share my good news with you!!
Re: Car Insurance - Excellent quote.

On, we've put together a selection of tips for renewing car insurance, and have compiled a listing of questions to ask each insurer. There's also a listing of 16 different companies (with contact details) all in a spreadsheet to print out and use when ringing around.
I was with Fbd and then changed to wrightway standard who I got from [broken link removed] as they were offering a much better deal. i think you need to shop around every year for your insurance.
Insurance Companies List

Check below website you will get complete information about insurance companies.