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Any suggestions for car insurance for lady aged 40+, and years of no claims etc.?

Online insurance

If you visit you will find a full list of insurance company websites which will provide you with various online quotes. My quotes for 40+ ranged from 258 euro to about 550 euro!!!


When you get to, you will have to search around a little, so I've saved you all the trouble :)


Hibernian Direct [broken link removed]

AA Insurance [broken link removed]

Eagle Star [broken link removed]

Premiere Direct [broken link removed]

Royal & SunAlliance [broken link removed]

First Call Direct

Quinn Direct Car Insurance

Solmon Motor Insurance

Insureweb [broken link removed]

123 Insurance Online

Insurance Ombudsman
[broken link removed]

<!--EZCODE BOLD START--> Don't be afraid to tell the insurance companies where to stick their quote, if you feel your being ripped off <!--EZCODE BOLD END-->

We are all being told that our insurance premiums are going up, due to such things as the very sad events of 11-09-02.

However, lets all be clear about this .... the insurance companies are not there for the benefit of their customers.

They will not give us all a rebate of our premiums, or distribute their profits to us, when they do well.

So why should we help pay for their losses ?

The insurance companies are in the business of taking risks & get paid well for taking those risks. Furthermore, they have the option of covering their own risk, by re-insuring with a re-insurance company.

If you have enjoyed claim free motoring, you should be rewarded, by a cheaper car insurance quote the following year .... its that simple, when all is said & done !

If a company gives you a higher quote than you deserve, tell them in no uncertain terms what they can do with the quote .... then take your business elsewhere.

Power to the people... vote with your feet (& your cash) :) ;)
Re: ....

I just had an interesting chat with Quinn Direct. They refuse to give me an allowance for insurance I had in my own name in the US, which I'm not too surprised at. However they also refuse to recognise the 1 year named driver experience I have since I came back... because I had insurance in my own name (which they refuse to recognise)...
watch this ...

Quinn also refused to quote me because I had one recent claim for windscreen breakage !

Value was 292 euro, and I had the bonus protection on my policy. However, some insurers don't care what protection you had on your bonus. The no claims statement from my insurer states I have a full no claims discount/bonus, but that the number of years claim-free in the last 5 years is zero !

It is legally correct, but works in the favour of some insurers. Most companies I spoke to have not been concerned with the windscreen claim and quoted as if I had no claims.
sometimes the phone is best !

Be careful with online quotes. I just tried

I checked and rechecked the details I entered and found the best quote out of the 8 responses was worse than 5 quotes I got by phone a few days ago. In some cases, the better quotes were from companies that supplied higher premiums via

In my case, the best comprehensive quote from was 787 euro. I got the following by phone for equivalent cover ....

Premier; 1-890-909090; Euro 657
National; 1-890-484840; Euro 675
Top Quote; 1-890-788787; Euro 724
Hibernian; 1-890-332211; Euro 635
One Direct; 1-890-222222; Euro 633

Again, just to repeat - these should all be compared to the "best" quote from of Euro 787 !
sometimes the phone is best !

Yep, sometimes the phone is deinitely best!

I got various quotes on the web a year ago and decided to go with the Quinn Direct quote of €3200 (It seems I'm "high risk" :rolleyes ). Quinn allow you to actuallt start a policy in its entirety over the website, so, I did.

A week later, I was still expecting details in the post, having printed off all of the relevant acknowledgements from the site as it processed my new policy. No sign, so I phoned Quinn...

They told me that they didn't have a policy for me! After a week of driving around :eek . Apparently, "something must have gone wrong on the website". Not my fault, I design these web application things for a living, so I was pretty careful with it. Anyway, they did a bit of digging around and said that they'd found the records of my online quote, well, maybe that's something. However! The girl said that she'd run the figures through herself and that the quote should have been €2400. €800 cheaper! They started a new policy there and then so all's well that ends well but... Wow! I don't trust web quotes any more funnily enough!

Re: sometimes the phone is best !

I "bought" a motor policy from Quinn Direct last year over their web-site (which is very slow by the way) for €2100. I had included 5 years named driver's experience from the mid-nineties which the form on the web-site accepted no problem. While I was expecting proposal forms etc in the post, the next day they called me saying that because more than 3 years had elapsed since this named drivers experience it was actually of no benefit to me and my actual quote was €3700! I told them to stuff it as I had much cheaper quotes elsewhere. Because the policy was active in their eyes they then "cancelled" it and charged me €56 for less than 24 hr cover. The web isn't always the best way to go!!
Re: sometimes the phone is best !

I dont reckon they can do this. They are trying it on. What "exaxtly" are they charging you for?
There was an error on their part giving you an incorrect quote. When this was highlighted to you and you were offered an alternative, you said no.

They cant charge for this.

Re: sometimes the phone is best !

I didn't initially pay for the reasons you state but they were adamant that I was covered for those 18 hrs at the €2100 rate. After much correspondence I sent them a cheque for €5.75 which is a 2100/365, (the remainder of the bill was admin charges etc) and they just lost interest in the whole thing then.

I tried and got quotes for both car and house insurance.
When they list the quotes they give you a list of benefits with the insurance.
So they sent out proposal forms to sign and then send back with payment.
Lucky i read the benefits etc, because all of the benefits i thought i was getting werent there.
When i called them they just said that it was the insurers fault.
Surely this has to be considered a waste of time.
I'll never trust an online quote company again.
The problem was that i stopped looking when i got that quote and then when ifound out they were doing some false advertising i only had a few hours left to look around before my policies ran out.
Quinn Direct

Anyone else have the same problems as I am having with quinn Direct?
I have been 10 yrs with this company and never had a claim or an accident ---touch wood
I simply recieved a letter out of the blue saying my insurance had been cancelled a week before-hand, which meant all of my family had been driving the vehicle on the public roads of Ireland without insurance' for nearly a week!!
Needless to say I'm furious. MY wife and I then spent 2 full days of excuses and passing the buck, from their offices, and eventually after many hours of phone calls, a supervisor tells us that NO--the insurance was never cancelled?? Can you believe that in this day and age of modern technology they still can't get it right?? We took two days off work after recieving the cancellation letter because we have no other transport
Quinn Direct

After my experience of the last couple of days with quinn direct , Im not too surprised at your dilema.
I lived in england for a fair few years, and never came across the kind of incompetence i suffered from some of the staff during the last couple of days.
I am taking my complaint right to the top with this one
FURIOUS--yes I am !!

Quinn Direct

Anyone else have the same problems as I am having with quinn Direct?
I have been 10 yrs with this company

Quinn Direct has not been around for 10 years.
Quinn Direct

Wel, Maybe 9 years then?? Put it another way , right from the beginning , at a time when they DID respect their customers.. I am now in the process of reporting them to the appropriate authority with my complaint, and will post again with an update. Thanks
Quin direct

They launched in mid/late 1996 I think. I'm surprised you ever found their customer service good.
Quinn Direct

Well, In fairness to them I thought they were ok for the first few years until now, but I have noticed in the last 2 years that one hand does'nt seem to know what the other hand is doing. And, it took 5 different phone calls over 2 different days asking them to fax me my no claims bonus until eventually a supervisor took the matter in hand and it was done . Having to insist on a supervisor dealing with your query everytime you contact them, is a bit much I know, but it seems to be the only way .
Re: >>Car insurance - information required

The following was posted by Freddie Kruger elsewhere:


Renewal Date of existing policy
Age of Driver/s
Sex of Driver/s
Who is main driver and who is to be named on the policy
Occupation of Driver/s
Employed or Self-Employed – all drivers
Full or Provisional Licence – all drivers
Any Accidents Claims or Convictions – all drivers
Make and Model of Car
CC of Car
Petrol or Diesel
Year Of Car
Value Of Car
Cover Required –TP/TPF&T or Comprehensive
Windscreen Cover Required –Y/N
Have you ever been named on another motor insurance policy –all drivers
Do you have access to any other vehicle – all drivers
Milage per annum
Use – Social Domestic & Pleasure or In connection with work
Any Disability
Years No Claims Bonus
Do you require step back of bonus in the event of a claim
Do you require Bonus Protection
Do you require driving of other vehicles TP cover
What district is the car normally parked in at night
Britton Insurance

I got vey cheap insurance from Britton Insurance. Their website is [broken link removed]

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