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Finally got an email that says im definitely not in scope. Im 2005..fixed for 3 years then prevailing variable after. I always knew i was clutching at straws(as some others have posted here) but after being crucified with mortgage payments the last 12 years it was nice to have hope of some kind of break.
Found all the postings and information great here...thanks
Johen32 the definitely not in scope is strange, nobody seems to be in scope until they are impacted, hence why they don’t want this cohort in scope, i think this cohort should be in scope whatever about being impacted

I’m still waiting on an email from them will probably get the same reply as you

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As this thread has gone all over the place, I am closing it.

Would someone who has followed the thread please start a new thread to help KBC customers. Along the following lines:

There are x different cohorts

1) Took out a loan with a broker between date y and date z

Deemed as impacted because....

2) Prior to 2010 - If KBC took your tracker as part of a restructuring
You should get it back. See
KBC returned my tracker, after taking it from me as a condition for restructuring back in 2009

2) Took out a loan directly...
Deemed not impacted


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