KBC & Ombudsman tracker complaint


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Hi Guernlad, What does this mean to KBC clients like I, who started out on a fixed rate in Nov'06 and 3 years later went onto a standard variable which is now 4.75%?
If 3 years later leads to November 09, me thinks that tracker not available by Kbc.
The last or closing date kbc stated on public record by dara deering is upto 4th July 08 for existing customers.

It is very easy for anyone to find out what rates and products were offered by IIB / kbc over any period of time.
The company Moneymate produced this data every Sunday for the Sunday newspapers.
All old papers are all on file with libraries.
The company moneymate was bought out in 2017 by a company called Longboat Analyical which still has all this info. on file. I this for a fact.
To support my own case against kbc not offering me a tracker mortgage even though my broker asked for it and it was still available as a product I have this valuable information from Moneymate / Longboat Anzlytical to support my claim.
The worst thing Dara Deering did was to try and be clever and state actual dates which were favorable to KBC....