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Discussion in 'Letting Off Steam' started by Teabag, Jan 18, 2008.

  1. Teabag

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    I had my back turned to the TV last night when I heard someone badly choking. I spun around to prepare to administer the Heimlich manouvre but then I noticed it was on the TV. Mrs Teabag had turned over to TG4 and started watching Ros Na Ruin and the way the girl was talking it sounded like she was choking !

    Is it me or does our national language sound truly awful ?
    I never really noticed before despite my painful toil in passing Leaving Cert Irish (blue paper).

    I dont know why people are mad keen lately to learn Irish or ensure their kids learn Irish.
    Maybe we should let the language die and take up a nicer national language (French)... or make up a new one ?
  2. ClubMan

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    I think you just made up a new French inspired word there already. Well done.
  3. PM1234

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    Any other suggestions for the 'made up' language you'd like us to learn? :)
  4. RainyDay

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    Maybe you should suggest to the Russians and the Porteguese that they should find nicer languages too, given the deep, guttural sounds in both of their native tongues.
  5. gebbel

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    I hope you're not serious. You should be tried for sedition!
  6. z103

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    I would agree that we should let Irish language die. It's nothing but a nuisance that certainly should be phased out.
    Resources can then be used for worthy causes.

    I would also hope that soon all European languages will eventually die out, or merge.
  7. tallpaul

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    How about Klingon????
  8. Teabag

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    Thats different - the Russians and Portuguese have no other option but we have 100% fluency in English.
  9. Simeon

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    Or, ah, er, um, Teflon?
  10. Teabag

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    I have never had a strong opinion on the Irish language before this and being from Galway I could be shot for admitting this but maybe we should let the language die. Maybe I am unpatriotic or whatever but I can mime our national anthem as well as the next person !

    Mrs Teabag went to an Irish national school until she was 14 but it hasn't helped her general knowledge much - she thinks that the victor at the Battle of the Boyne was some guy called "Liam Oráiste"....
  11. PM1234

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    General knowledge. Yes indeed.

    Teabag I don't think anyone is going to take this bite :)
  12. ClubMan

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    Do you formulate many opinions on the basis of single incidents on the telly? If you do this and your wife doesn't know the English name of the victor at the Boyne then maybe it says more about you and yours rather that anything else?
  13. z104

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    I think it should be thought differently.
    When we learned English as children we didn't start by learning tenses and verbs, We started by listening and be shown what items were.
    Would it not make sense to teach Irish in this way too. The tenses/verbs e.t.c. can be learned afterwards.
    It was only through being kept down/kept back by colonial agressors did we lose our language. I will be one of those parents that will be putting their children through gael scoileanna. I think we are a confident enough nation now to be able to take our language back.
  14. Teabag

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    Jaysus lighten up Clubman...
  15. ClubMan

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    Lighten up? You're the one suggesting killing a language because you don't like the sound of it... :rolleyes:
  16. casiopea

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    The guttural sounds you refer to are very common in other languages. German being the biggest example. Its not something unique to Irish.
  17. MrMan

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    If people don't know the language and can't grasp its heritage then they should ignore it and leave it to those that do yearn for a little culture to remain in our society.
  18. Gordanus

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    There is a made up language called Esperanto.
    Klingon is also made up and has a lot of adherents (I believe, having been told this - not nerdy enough to go look it up!)

    Irish people tend to pronounce German much better than English people because they can pronounce the gutterals!
  19. Simeon

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    Dankeon for the first bit Gordanus and vielen Dank for the whole.
  20. redbhoy

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    Check out the translation for "Amadán" in a bi-lingual dictionary. Or maybe "fear grinn".