If you could sign any Executive Orders??

Discussion in 'Shooting the Breeze' started by thedaddyman, Apr 12, 2017.

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    I cannot imagine anything worse than being hungry and a dog swipes the entire chicken.

    I'm sure the man is laughing now about it but having a hungry family around is no fun.
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    Ban all UPVc windows.

    Ban Ikea

    Ban humanities courses especially gender studies

    All feminists to be given jobs on building sites and made do exams on real historical facts as compared to made up ones.

    I'd make it a rule that all weighing scales are to be removed and put in the sea about 200 km off shore, anyone who wanted to weigh themselves have to swim out to find out what weight they are.

    Increase the voting age to thirty and only people gainfully employed are allowed to vote (no students or liberals allowed to vote)

    People who disagree with any of my points to be put on a chain gang and made dig ditches till they come to the point of enlightenment and think as they are told to.