AIB I requested a tracker when my fixed rate ended in 2011


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May be of interest - Mortgage taken out on 12/08/2008 - we went with 3 year fixed. On 25/02/2011 ( 6 months before 3 year team finished) I contacted AIB by phone to instruct them we wished to exercise our right to a tracker as per section 3.2 when the term finished.

I have attached a picture of how they addressed this in the banks response to the appeal.



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Hi P

Did you make an appeal using the Step by Step Guide?

If so, did you amend it to say that you actually asked for a tracker back in 2011?

One of the points in their standard response to appeals was


Most of the 30,000 or so people who got trackers as a result of the Redress Programme did not seek a tracker rate and did not have an expectation of one. But that was not deemed relevant. The Central Bank and the banks decided to redress them anyway.

But in your case, you sought to break early and pay a break fee to get a tracker.

I gather from that note that you did not actually break out?