Huge hike in road tax as motor cash dries up.

Discussion in 'Letting Off Steam' started by Frank, Mar 5, 2012.

  1. Frank

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    This is a disgrace, we can't allow the gov to look at road tax alone as an excuse to screw us further.

    On the so called bigger cars with bigger engines there is already a massive tax take.

    The bigger the more expensive cars attracts more VRT + VAT
    They will generally use more fuel the ultimate tax take
    Servicing will be more expensive tyres parts etc. more vat

    To say that a bmw 520D driver is paying less tax than a Yaris driver is totally disingenuous.
  2. callybags

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    It was always going to be thus.

    In my opinion anyone who bought a 2008 or newer car on the basis of the low tax rate was naive in the extreme.

    Once the government see the figures and the drop in the total take from motor tax there is only one inevitable result.
  3. Ceist Beag

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    Well we did tell you this would happen Frank! Note I'm not saying I agree with motor tax, personally I'd much rather more tax on petrol/diesel with a standard (very low) tax across the board on all cars, much as they have in Australia.
  4. Frank

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    The motorist has always been a cash cow.

    Tax rates were finally reasonable not low.

    The car is tax on tax on tax on tax.

    Fresh air tax will be next with the apathy of irish public.
  5. thedaras

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    Thats interesting,In that those who bought cars based on a low tax,may now see a massive increase in the payments,and also devaluation in their cars.

    So what could happen is that they cant afford the hike in tax and they will probably have a big car loan,which may not be as affordable due to the hike,then if they try to sell the car it is worth a hell of a lot less than what they paid..

    Apply that scenario to mortgages and look what happened!
    Really interesting ...
  6. roker

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    A car is an essential part of life if you live outside of the towns and cities, many small towns and villages do not have public transport.
  7. dockingtrade

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    I remenber at the time thinking this can be reversed in the morning. Its like the broadcasting license instead of TV license. Whats going to happen if we get to a stage where there is significant use of alternative fuels or use of electric cars do you think the govt are goin to take the hit on excise duty.
  8. micmclo

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    Damn Green Party :mad:

    Oh wait, it's not them this time
  9. terrontress

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    Well breathing out creates CO2, which is already taxed if your car does it so we might not be too long from the day we see tax on breathing.

    The existing system was a nonsense. A petrol car with a higher CO2 rating but which does 100 miles in a week is charged multiples of a diesel which is owned by a rep and does 1000 miles, all in the name of CO2.

    I am not even sure what the justification of these taxes are any more. Is motor tax just a way to collect as much money as possible, is it to contribute toward the road network, is it to punish polluting vehicles?

    Ceist Beag, if the motor tax were to be placed on fuel and a standard tax placed on all cars, once people had got used to that, the standard tax would start to increase until we're paying €2.05 a litre in fuel, €1,000 per year in motor tax, anywhere up to 35% of OMSP in VRT, VAT on new cars, toll roads, on street parking, insurance premium tax, tax on our credit / debit cards to buy petrol with.

    Actually, that doesn't sound too far different to what we get at present.
  10. cork

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    Why cannot this government tackle the amount of local government?
    Why can't they tackle declarations of non-use?

    This government lacks the bottle.

    They think stelth taxes is the way to go.
  11. werner

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    And they have 30+ motor tax offices all around the country, it has to be the most expensive and inefficient way to collect these taxes

    Another point, there already hase been a huge hike in motor tax, my nearest and dearest (along with thousands of others) has had her tax increase by approx €50 quid on a modest mazda 2 in the last budget!

    More stealth taxes anyone? There is demonstrably zero difference between FG & Labour and FF & Greens policies
  12. Shawady

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    I thought I did well to get petrol to today at €1.59 a litre. Just shows how bad things have become.
  13. cork

    cork Frequent Poster

    Increasing the vat rate on fuel was a disgrace.

    They could have staggered this increase.

    30+ motor tax offices all around the country - wasteful.

    But targeting waste seems beyonf this govt.
  14. Guest125

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    Oh well. It might add some value to my 07 Octavia diesel which is on the old cc based system (600+). :cool:
  15. gianni

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    It could be worse...

    March 6, 2012
    Italy €1.81
    Netherlands €1.80
    Denmark €1.80
    Greece €1.75
    Belgium €1.70
    Portugal €1.69
    Sweden €1.69
    United Kingdom €1.66
    France €1.66
    Germany €1.65
    Finland €1.64
    Ireland €1.60
    Slovakia €1.53
    Hungary €1.49
    Czech Republic €1.46
    Malta €1.45
    Slovenia €1.44
    Spain €1.43
    Austria €1.42
    Latvia €1.40
    Luxembourg €1.39
    Lithuania €1.38
    Poland €1.37
    Estonia €1.34
    Cyprus €1.32
    Bulgaria €1.31
    Romania €1.31

    EU AVERAGE €1.54
  16. The_Banker

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    Hi Gianni,
    Do you know if the other countries pay the same levels of road tax and VRT?
  17. Mucker Man

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    Maybe they should tackle the cost of running the state?
  18. Purple

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    Agreed. I find the same people who complain about tax increases also complain about cuts. The reality is we need more of both (lots of cuts and some tax increases).
  19. Purple

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    We have a narrow tax base which is unsustainable regardless of reductions in public spending. Not enough indirect tax and income tax is way too low for the low paid.
  20. Protocol

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