How do you know the oil man is telling truth?

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    While I dont like to be too cynical about these things. Reputable companies are as likely as any other to be involved in shady business practices. In a one person company you only need one person to be honest, whereas in a large business any level of manager can push their underlings to do wrong.

    Here is how a large number of reputable oil companies cheated their customers in Connaught.
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    You could say the same about getting fuel for your car at the pump?

    How do I know I'm actually getting a litre or ... ?

    Like all walks of life, we are always open to being scammed.

    We can only do so much to protect ourselves. Going with a reputable company is the best that can be done in this situation.

    Me .... I go with a reputable company, nut I'm always there to accept delivery (after work or on a Saturday) and I can see what the clock says before and after.

    Other than that I can do no more.
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    As an aside, petrol pumps are calibrated at 15 C. So that if you buy it when the temp is lower you will actually get slightly more than it says on the display.
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    That was really shocking and Mr L got off really light. I'm astonished no one in the media or anywhere else didn't question why that sentence was so light. My goodness the courts are giving prison sentences for no TV licences. The mind boggles.
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    The meter is calibrated and sealed, but I always wonder if they start off with a full hose when delivery commences.
    I made a wood measuring stick and devided the full tank by 1100 litres which is the full capacity of the tank, I sawed marks in at 100 litre graduations
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    +1. The suggestion is that it could have been 10% of the market for 20 years, running to tens of millions of euro stolen. In a certain jurisdiction on the other side of the Atlantic they'd lock you up and throw away the key for that. Here we don't even try to take the money back!
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