How can there be 150,000 uninsured cars on the roads?

Discussion in 'Cars, cycling and transport' started by Brendan Burgess, Sep 27, 2017.

  1. RichInSpirit

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    True Roker true, I bought a 17 year old car recently with no NCT. I can't get insurance without the NCT and I can't drive it to the NCT centre without insurance.
    And I can't tax it without insurance.
    Bureaucracy and red tape gone mad in this country.
  2. Monbretia

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    Can you tax online? You don't need insurance details for that, well they ask but you can put any random info and it doesn't know the difference :) Doesn't solve the problem of driving it to NCT centre though.
  3. noproblem

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    Maybe you could tow it?
  4. Purple

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    Are you suggesting that insurance should be optional or maybe people on welfare or with medical cards or something like that should not have to pay it?
    As for public transport being better in cities; yes that's true, but rent and houses are much more expensive and public transport is of no use for many people.
  5. roker

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    I am not making such suggestion, I am saying it will get out of hand because people haven't got enough to go around