Gross missconduct

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    That may well be the case and of passing interest, but it's of no particular relevance to the OP. It’s irrelevant to them what may or may not have been going onm who was involved or how they operated. What they’re concerned about is they’ve been dismissed, and what is relevant to that is whether the dismissal was “fair” or not. That is, it is the disciplinary process and procedures that led up to that action being taken that is relevant; the original actions or lack of actions that led to it that is not important. Dismissing someone from their livelihood when an employer cannot show that a fair process was used is (rightly) viewed as a very serious matter by the WRC. A fair process would include sharing all the evidence the employer had and providing an opportunity to the employee to state their case adequately prior to any action being taken.
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    Exactly, this recent case and others like it should serve notice to employers how important it is to have well defined & documented disciplinary procedures in place and follow them through to the letter in such cases.
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    I don't think that there are any resources required to take a case for unfair dismissal.

    Hardly, the employer has made their decision in this matter and acted on that. They have no cards to play at this stage. The OP can take a case or not as s/he wishes.

    If the OP does take a case the onus will be on the employer to show that they acted fairly. I have only slight knowledge of these things, but I suspect a dismissal for gross misconduct would require a high burden of proof from the employer
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    Have you been on holiday during the last nine months. Ask to see if any vouchers were used during that time.
    However it is always possible that the real thief only stole while you were about in order to put the blame on you.
    What about your day off work?
    Start writing everything down while it is still fresh in your mind.
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    It's not down to the OP to prove her innocence; it’s up to her employer to (a) prove her guilt and, more importantly (b) do so as part of a fair and transparent process. In fact, her guilt isn’t even that important (I'm not suggesting for a moment she is guilty of anything), as the recent Tesco case highlighted by someone here showed. In that case, there was no dispute the property was taken without payment (theft by another name); it was all about the process that led the dismissal.
    This is good advice.
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    You say that everyone in the Store knows your ID number - Assuming you didn't decide to bring about this eventuality yourself personally then why is this?

    Please clarify why and how this information became commonly known across the shop.

    Are staff members asked to share/swap/use these IDs interchangeably with Managements approval/direction/knowledge?

    - If this ID number was to be, for example, printed on a sheet of paper or otherwise made available on a computer system or similar that everyone has access to then I'd be going straight for these peoples throats for not safeguarding this implement they've subsequently chosen to use as a weapon against you.

    If the thief had used the Owner/Managers Till ID in this manner would they have rang the Gardaí and demanded a prosecution upon themselves?

    I'd be very happy to see the WRC award heavily against the Kangaroos who ran this court.

    Sorry for the stress and worry brought upon you - Hope you're ok.
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    Any update OP?
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    I find it remarkable that any business would sack someone for the theft of €21,000 and not involve the Gardai.

    I also find it remarkable that the OP was not given all of the evidence and an opportunity to respond.

    From what’s been posted here the OP is in a very strong position to win any case taken through the WRC.

    I suggest the OP reads the WRC's Code of Practice on Grievance and Disciplinary Procedures