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SORRY MATE i just like to know if its worth while to get rid of NTL for Skybox


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Recently got a communal SKY satellite installation in my apt block. I don't want to subscribe to SKY but there are about 40-odd FTA channels. To pick these up can I plug in any digital receiver or do I need a Sky box?
I would imagine you would need a sky box. They have enabled the dish to accept so many boxes but you'd need the box to actually connect up to the dish.

Polo9n - You have analogue NTL which includes your RTE's and the basic BBC's. The FTA channels are different, BBC3, BBC4, ITV3, ITV4 etc. If you are looking for advice, Sky + is the business for everyone. I was a Chorus digital subscriber, had terrible trouble with Chorus themselves, got a Sky+ box and just can't imagine ever getting rid of's amazing! It does cost an extra €15 a month for the privilege of recording 2 channels at once, pausing what your watching and rewinding up to 30 minutes of the programme you have just watched, clicking a series link button once so you never miss a programme in a series, it just automatically tapes the whole series for you. I probably shouldn't hog this thread in this way, but I couldn't help it!