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They sent me another email asking me to forward details of my complaint to an Ulster Bank employee.
I did this, and received a response stating "I have asked a member of our Tracker Mortgage Examination team to investigate this".
That was 5 days ago.


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Definitely helped to get an answer. I think we would have heard in a few weeks anyway when the letters are sent to the 1500-2000 “mixed bag cohort” I think he called it.


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Delighted for all of you that got good news!

I haven’t heard anything either and just had my usual monthly mortgage amount taken from current account.
For very valid personal reasons I was not able to get in touch with the Finance Committee on this occasion, although I have pursued this every other time UB were in front of the committee and have been following closely.

@Lizzie007 & @ragdal, I believe the fixed rate agreements you signed are the same as mine (posted on this thread recently), could you confirm?

I can but hope there is a (good) resolution in sight....
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We were told today that our redress and compensation will now be with us in July, was previously told it would be early June at the latest. Talk about dragging things out


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Congratulations to you all I am delighted for you, I am still waiting to hear fingers crossed! I moved banks which will complicate it!


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I have just phoned both the complaints number (as on 60 day letters) & the TME helpline, neither of which can give me an update as to the status of my account. It will possibly be the end of sept before the TME is completed and so I might be waiting that long for an answer.

I am going to try the email route as per after the finance committee. (It was the one time I wasn’t in touch with the committee before the bank appeared!!!)

@ragdal,@Lizzie007 , @Milo4444, was it just the fincom email address or is there a more specific point of contact?