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Received letter today from UB to advise not impacted. 3 page explanation and defence.

Really disappointed after almost 3 years pushing and waiting. Had been hoping for sucessful outcome with so many success cases here. I'm not FA category. Not sure what appeal avenue open if any . Previously went to FSO in 2013 and refused??


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So sorry to hear this! Can you appeal? Did you say your not a former first active customer? I am still waiting to hear and may get one of those letters soon. Ulster bank told me today could be another 6 months


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Not me but my case is really complicated, so hopefully it will be end of this month apparently


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Overall happy as the redress amount is in line with my own amatuer calculations, which were based on historical ECB figures and using the CCPC online tools.
However, I am still going to appeal the compensation as they have made an error about the status of my property which impacts the calculation, so the "fight" is not quite over yet. ((sigh))


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Still waiting on my redress. Got letter to say I was impacted on 2nd August. Know of someone else who got similar letter around that time who got cheque last week so keeping fingers crossed that it's on the way soon.

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Hi all,

Former first Active now UB. Recently received a registered letter to say mortgage impacted & will be put back on Tracker. Redress & compo another ongoing process that may take many Months.
Hard to feel 'happy' as waiting well over two years, only getting 60 day update letters every 60 days, & was pretty much ignored thus far...overcharged & on wrong rate for many many years.
Just to let you all know, hopefully they are getting through a few more now.
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Just letting people know that we received our redress package by reg post yesterday. Told we were impacted in August (having contacted them August 12 months ago to ask them to review the account). I made a complaint about 6 weeks ago to complain about how slowly it was progressing and to advice them of some relevant personal circumstances. Absolutely stunned at the amount of redress. In a good way as it's a cash injection we didn't expect and in a bad way as it's criminal how much they have withheld all these years.
We are former FA moved to Ulster bought in 2006 and impacted for 10 years. We went into a payment agreement with them in 2014 to 17 and they say they've taken that into account when calculating compensation which is 13.5%. I'm inclined to take the money and run but want to make sure they return our credit score to normal. Any one any guidance on whether we appeal or just accept the money.


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Appeal regardless. The money you've received cannot be reduced. It's a free bite of the cherry so to speak. Request the appeals pack for sure.
Lodge that cheque immediately and have a great Christmas.


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Hi. I am a former FA customer who fixed my mortgage for 2 years in July 2006 until July 2008. On 31/07/2008, my original offer letter stated I should go straight on to ECBR +1.15%. Instead, I went on to a variable rate of about 6.6%... at the time I didn't realise what had happened re tracker and panicked by switching to AIB after one month paying the extortionate 6% rate with FA. Did this happen to anyone else? Did anyone else get put back on the original tracker? I'm finding Ulster Bank very slow to send all of my SARS info. Interested to hear from others. Niall


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happened to me.....they have offered back the tracker but have to go through credit process, I can PM you more details