Energia - Whats your experience been like ?

Discussion in 'Home energy' started by MrEarl, Sep 1, 2014.

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    I have a small company and we signed up in 2014 on a one year contract. Unknown to us the contract expired and our tariff shot up about 40%. They did not inform us we were out of contract. An ESB salesman called last month and gave us a cracking rate. He called because he could 'see' we were out of contract. The Energia bills fail to give the average or highest MIC used, as a consequence we were buying 125kVA MIC when our highest was 41 kVA. We paid Energia in excess of €10,000 in punitive tariff and ESB and Social in excess of €9000 for over stating our MIC. All could have been avoided with transparent billing. We are going to the regulator, but because it appears no wrong was committed, nothing will be done. Unjust enrichment?
    As close to a scam as you can legally go?
    Our office clerk would have to be very sharp to notice the tariff change amongst all the numbers.
    Avoid Energia!
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    I'm sure commercial electricity is similar to residential. You need to get the best offer you can and change provider every 12 months. I'm currently Bord Gais for electricity and Flogas for gas, but will probably be with someone different once my contract is up
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    My experience of Energia is very positive. Make a simple note of your contract end date and do as John Jay says above. The office clerk is who I would be taking issue with!
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    I've just switched to Energia from BGE for both gas and elec. I'd be very reluctant to consider BGE again in the future, they consistently failed to apply the correct tariff, I've gone through numerous long, frustrating phone calls with them. It was only as I was leaving and raised a complaint that they finally corrected my account. Regardless of the discounts they're not worth the effort. I've used Airtricity and Flogas in the past and they're fine, haven't been with Energia long enough to express an opinion.
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    Agree that Energia could be more proactive in advising contract end dates. But other than that they are a good company to deal with.
    At most you should only be out of pocket for 1 month as person approving the bill should have seen the increase on first new billing. Anything beyond that is an internal problem with your approval process. And approval procedure for your bill should also include a cross check to your meter for usage.

    I don't think Energia gain from the excess charges from incorrect MIC. Thought it was ESB Networks who get it. It is totally the customer's responsibility to set it correctly.
    You can request your usage by the hour/qtr hour depending on your meter by emailing ESB Networks with your site number. They send a spreadsheet. This would show it straight away.
    It is good data to show electricity usage and can highlight wasted energy during non-working hours. Worth a check every couple of months.

    Gas networks works a bit different for their "MIC". This is set once a year based on previous years usage. Maybe ESB networks could consider this approach but it also has drawbacks and is not an actual contract rate like MIC.
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    Is anyone receiving ongoing nuisance calls from the following phone number: +353 0818555222 (the call comes through, is answered, no one says anything for a few seconds and then they hang up) ?

    I have found a website with posts on it from people claiming that the calls might be as a result of registering with Energia and a crowd that do the free boiler insurance for them, so I am trying to confirm so I can then put a stop to it.

    Thank you.
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    @naughto,you don't need to contact them if you wish to change once your contract is up but i'm sure they'll probably contact you when the switch form lands on their desk!!

    I was in the process of changing electricity supplier from Electric Ireland to Energia as my contract was finished in December,i sent a mail to Electric Ireland asking what other discount apart from the 5.5% discount for online/DD billing would be available to me,the reply was that no other discount (other than the 5.5%)was available so i did my research and found Energia to be the next best,completed the online switching form and then a day later received a call from Electric Irl offering me a €175 credit and retention of the 5.5% discount to stay with them which i did based on our annual consumption and given that Energia's Annual Standing Charge is €12 more expensive,
    The Electric Irl rep then put me through to Energia who then cancelled the switch application.
    For my gas,i stayed with Flogas as they offered me a 20% discount...but that was after i rang to say i was thinking of switching to another provider.
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    I switched from Electric Ireland to Energia last year. I decided to have a look at my account today to see when my contract expires. There was no date on my online account. If there was I couldn't find it. This should be visible.
    I contacted them via online chat and discovered that my contract had ended at the start of February. Not only that but I discovered that I had been moved to their standard tariff. An increase of 5c in the price per unit.

    My advice to people making the switch is that your "year" moves along very quickly and don't expect to be notified of changes to your tariff. It's up to you to keep yourself informed and up to date.
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    Good advice and it applies to all providers.
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    I think that is good advice, but also typical of just about everything... if the provider has not specifically agreed to notify you then why would they, it's not to their benefit ?

    ... anyway, it's easy enough to put a note in your diary, or a reminder in the calender in your phone when you first sign up with a service provider, so you can be reminded when the contract ends :)

    Charlie Weston was on Clare live earlier on referencing the significant reductions the various engery companies have been enjoying in recent years and how they have not passed them on (to anywhere near the extent they should have done)... apparently the regulator is now investigating - too little too late, I'd have thought (but thats just typical of all of our regulators imho) !
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    Yes, Abbey Insurance are calling, they offer the free boiler cover and are looking to upsell the policy to a full cover policy, I find it very annoying and told them never to call me again, they called me 5 or 6 times and when I answered nobody was there, they got me eventually and I roasted them for these unwanted call, it reflects very poorly on Energia.
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    When I got their call I couldn't understand one word the person was saying. Speaking very fast in a Norn accent. I actually had to terminate the call as we were getting nowhere.
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    Thankfully these calls seem to have gone away (fingers crossed, for good !). I received quite a few of them during the space of a couple of weeks, but never heard a voice - just a blank line when I answered and then ultimately it disconnected. Perhaps they have some form of dialing system.

    Getting back to Abbey, I did speak with them initially after I availed of the free insurance. They asked me if they could call me to quote for my car insurance etc. later in the year and I consented, gave the approximate dates etc. so that might tally (given my car insurance is just up). However, if they wanted my business, you'd think they would want to actually speak with me to quote me, not just annoy me ?

    I also emailed Energia and told them I wanted them to stop sharing my information, withdrawing any and all previous consent - I referenced these calls, but got no acknowledgement that the calls were as a result of them sharing my details. They briefly apologised for the inconvenence, but and they would not tell me who they had shared my contact details with. A coincidene that the calls have now stopped, one can only wonder ?