Energia - Whats your experience been like ?

Discussion in 'Home energy' started by MrEarl, Sep 1, 2014.

  1. MrEarl

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    I am currently considering my options, regarding changing both gas & electricity provider. Like others here (who have posted in recent months), I am finding Energia the cheapest when I use the price comparison websites.

    However, I have not seen any comments (sorry if I have missed them) from those who have moved to Energia, regarding their experience with the company in terms of provision of service, reliability of invoicing, customer service etc.

    What's the experience been like for those of you who have moved to Energia please ? Sorry, call me paranoid but having had one bad experience a couple of years ago with Airtricity, I'm anxious to get some references before risking another new provider aside from Board Gais or Electric Ireland.

    All feedback and advice very much appreciated.

    Also, many thanks to the doctor for this link, it's offering a further 2% discount: http://www.moneyguideireland.com/electricity-and-gas-cheapest-combined-prices.html
  2. JohnJay

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    I signed up about 10 days ago. Not fully changed over yet, but they did write to me to confirm my dd details, have given me my account number, set up my on-line access, etc. All looks good so far. They did explain that it can take a number of weeks to get it changed over. I think my gas might already be signed over as I can see all my gas details on my on-line account, but no details on my electricity
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    Mr. Earl it might be worth your while staying with Electric Ireland, if that is your preference, and taking their 6% discount for DD payment and online billing - this lasts a year and then you need to call them again and they'll renew it.
    If you compare this on the comparison websites you'll see there's little or no difference then between this EI discounted rate and the rates to switch to others......unless you're using a huge amount of electricity. The reason for that is the 17% cheaper etc that the others advertise is off their unit rates, while their standing charge is higher, so the less electricity you use the less you will save and the less useful the deal is for you.
  4. sahd

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    Mr Earl has already confirmed that Energia will be the cheapest for him - so why would he stay with a more expensive option? For someone with average usage of gas and electricity the difference will be €86 a year. OK - it's not a massive amount but ..every little helps. He is just trying to see if anyone has had any problems with Energia.
  5. MrEarl

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    Hi Everyone,

    Thank you all for your responses.

    Having checked two price comparison websites (bonkers.ie and uswitch.ie), it would appear that there are notable savings for me if I move to Energia. This is based on me inputting my average bill amount, looking at duel services. We don't have significant bills, we are just a modest family home who remember to turn the lights out, have the heating on a timer etc.

    In truth, I'm very close to moving given the cost saving - money doesn't grow on trees as we all appreciate. But that said, I had a bad experience with Airtricity a few years ago and swore I'd never go back to them. Based on that experience, I thought it would be prudent to do some research about Energia, for fear of another Airtricity experience (which I think I posted about here on this website, on previous occassions).

    Obviously, I apprecaite all assistance and advice, particularly from those with first hand experience of dealing with Energia.
  6. sahd

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    I'm sure there would be something on boards.ie if there were problems with them. "No news is good news " . They have been around in Northern Ireland and supplying businesses here for ages - so they should be OK.
    Bord Gais Energy is owned by Centrica now - so things could change there if they start trying to cust costs and increase profits.
  7. Palerider

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    I moved my gas and electricity to Energia with online statements and payment by d/d, their customer service is really very good, I had one blip when they wrote to me saying my electric bill of €265 was overdue when they did not present the d/d for payment to an account that is always in funds, a completion of a 2nd mandate sorted that with an apology, also anytime they write to you it is available to view online so in this case they could see that I had signed up for d/d payments so no needless explaining required.
  8. gipimann

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    I switched a couple of months ago (gas only) - no problems to report so far. Bills arrive on time, good communications during the transfer.
  9. postman pat

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    I switched a few months ago too(gas and electric)no problems at all so far..and can see a noticeable saving in both bills.
    Also website is easy to navigate etc.
  10. LM26

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    Switched recently and all good so far. The online chat function is very handy for any queries.
  11. CiaranT

    CiaranT .

    The promotional code ENER17 will get you 17% of electricity only, with Energia, for the first year after switching.

    Energia have a higher standing charge than Electric Ireland but when you factor in the discount a switch is worthwhile for most.
  12. flowerman

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    Couldnt be happier with Energia so far.

    Keep on getting EI sales reps knocking on my door asking me to switch over to them.

    Do they not understand the words NO THANKS
  13. garbanzo

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    Changed over to energia over the summer. Seems grand. Does what it says on the tin and there are monthly savings happening on both my gas and electricity. No surprises or shocks. I'm just putting in the same amount I used to, to ESB and Flogas, into the account and there's a bit of a small reserve building up. No reason not to go for it OP...
  14. Brendan Burgess

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    I switched a couple of months ago through Bonkers and the process was very easy.

    But I am beginning to regret it.

    I am getting swamped with actual letters and spam emails from them.

    It's very, very annoying. I don't mind getting notified that a new bill has issued, but I do not want an email with the heading "no more scary bills". Their marketing people might think that is very funny, but I do not.

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  15. eamo15

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    i switched last year with no problems however after the year they gave me absolute no incentive to stay so i switched back to electric ireland.they then sent a letter sayibg they were sorry to lose me as a customer and stated if i wanted to switch back i could for the best rates at any time..doesnt make sense does it..do im sticking with electric ireland ill keep tabs to see how much more my gas and electricity cost this year
  16. dereko1969

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    I don't get spammed by them, found them fine after a slightly dodgy start in that because I was a new gas customer (having got gas only recently installed) their system didn't allow for new customers only switchers, got it sorted after a bit and got an extra discount for my troubles.
  17. MrEarl

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    Hello Mr. Burgess,

    That is frustrating and not something I would welcome either.

    Out of interest, have you contacted them to tell them you don't want furher communications of this nature and if so, how did they respond ?
  18. postman pat

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    Thats exactly what happened me at the end of my contract year, i phoned them (Energia) and asked what could they do for me,the woman on the other end of the phone was a bit offhand and said "nothing"i got the impression she was saying "off with ya"..so off i went to Electric Ireland with both my gas and electric,I find them very good up till now and also they have a very customer friendly website.
    I kind of wonder if i was the boss of Energia,I would be asking some questions.

  19. Brendan Burgess

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    Yes, I unsubscribed to the emails.
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  20. naughto

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    My yr is up with eneriga do I need to contact eneriga them or just switch to another provided?