EBS EBS giving 500 people back their trackers!


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Sorry. Not at home at the mo. Will be back in a few weeks and will look it up then. We bought it in 2005. Can't recall the wording right now.


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They were called 'variable but to let ' not mention of trackers, ecb + XX - Nothing - only a few pages later in the conditions of the loan did it state that the rate could never go above the ecb =xx%

I do NOT have the full loan conditions for my variable base rate attached to my loan Document ( like they had for the variable but to let) and the EBS say they don't have them

my broker said to me he thinks I am missing documentation?


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Here pascal do I hue on radio
I see now why they are sorting out our tracker mortgage issue , they took our money without consent not paying interest , used it to buoy up bank then they are sorting it out as Europe will close them down if 25 percent loan book not performing returning us to tracker reduces that percent and means they can continue , their storm weathered and we paid , and making us wait on the cheque !