Dole cheats: Should I report, and how to go about it?

Discussion in 'Redundancy, unemployment & jobseekers entitlements' started by norbatious, Jan 15, 2009.

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  1. norbatious

    norbatious Frequent Poster

    Should dole cheats be reported,now i am not talking about joe soap doing a few hours with the local farmer, or mrs soap doing a bit of housekeeping.

    My brother works in construction, and had to lay off 3 employees before christmas and put the rest on a 3 day week, yet there are so called contractors doing jobs at cut price, because of no overheads and are drawing the dole, these guys are known to me.

    Some of the work they are doing runs into €5 and €6k for less than a weeks work inc material but the profit as we worked it out is over half.

    Should I report, and how to go about it.
  2. tonymahoney

    tonymahoney Guest

    Re: Dole cheats

    Look this type of thing has been going on since the beginning of time - moonlighting will never go away - problem now is that in the recession there is not as much work to be had so while everyone was legitmally paying through the nose for construction work and the likes during the good times now during the bad times there is a necessity to offer "nixer" work at knock down prices. Best if you worry about yourself and let them off. and by the way I don't work in construction - never have - so i am not protecting anyone here. You are who you are and dole cheats will always be there - maybe the authorities will eventually catch up with them
  3. norbatious

    norbatious Frequent Poster

    Who said anything about moonlighting or nixers.

    Its fcuking cheating and ripping off the taxpayer full stop, and if they were reported the country would be in some sort of better shape.

    Its sending a 40 year old business, ,down the drain and with big debts because machinery cant be paid for, the work is there but when you are fully compliant and fully insured you have not got a chance, the over heads are too much

    These guys all known to me are dole cheats , have medical cards, there houses are rent free,yet they drive about in big cars one has a year old VW passat,are we really that stupid to let them away with this.

    I say everyone who knows a Dole cheat should report them..
  4. tonymahoney

    tonymahoney Guest

    I can't argue with that opinion - I believe you have a very strong case to make but unfortunately most people won't snitch and will just look after themselves - I wish you well in these difficult times and its not much consolation but if you have your health and family (and I hope you do) no-one can take that away from you - best of luck
  5. noel_k

    noel_k Registered User

    According to this org chart the section you are looking for seems to be headed up by someone called Joan McMahon. This FOI list shows some direct dials including her number and those of some of the people reporting to her.
  6. mathepac

    mathepac Frequent Poster

    Agreed - make the call.

    Unfortunately I believe a laissez faire attitude to cheating pervades our country, to everyone's detriment.
  7. coquito

    coquito Frequent Poster

    Get a life lads. If these guys lived 10 lifetimes they wouldn't rip off what the politicians and the guys in the banks and the white collar sector have ripped off. Leave them alone and get on with your lives.
  8. PaddyW

    PaddyW Frequent Poster

    Dole cheats. So much worse than cheating bankers and cheating politicians. Off with their heads!
  9. Mpsox

    Mpsox Frequent Poster

    So basically what you are saying is dont report a theft(which is what this is) because someone else has stolen more????

    It's your money and my money that is being used to pay dole cheats
  10. Caveat

    Caveat Frequent Poster

    I would gladly report any dole cheat.
  11. extopia

    extopia Frequent Poster

    I don't think the OP is in any doubt as to what to do. If I were in the same position I would report a cheat who was taking my business away. However, there's no guarantee that you will get the business at your higher price even if you put the cheats out of the game.
  12. ninsaga

    ninsaga Frequent Poster

    Report them. Just do it.
  13. Smashbox

    Smashbox Frequent Poster

    Report the lot of them!!
  14. MrMan

    MrMan Frequent Poster

    Goes to show we only like blaming the guys in supposed authority anything closer to home might make us look a little closer at our own integrity. You can't beat selective morals.
  15. SteH

    SteH Frequent Poster

    For every person that will report a cheat there are many that won't. Perhaps for a balanced society we need a certain amount of people to report others and therefore discourage the practice. Where is the discouragement otherwise.

    Perhaps then it may filter up to cops, councilors and politicians who take backhanders. Corruption is rife in this society, it may be a topic for another place but it can really hurt a country. Just look at Italy.
  16. Welfarite

    Welfarite Frequent Poster

    You should and can report them to any SW or Revenue office. Give as much detail as you can, places/times of work, names of people involved, etc.. You can do it anonymously if you want.
  17. DeeFox

    DeeFox Frequent Poster

    Well said - I agree with reporting them.
  18. jhegarty

    jhegarty Frequent Poster


    And if someone stole you car they won't be as bad as murderers, so you would just left them live their lives ?
  19. Guest106

    Guest106 Guest

    We should not tolerate dole cheats or tax cheats in any manner. They are taking money from the pockets of legitimate taxpayers and ensuring that those taxpayers have to pay more.
    Forget the convoluted discussions, that's the plain factual irrefutable situation we have. They are defrauding you and me.

    Would you stand at the bar and pay €5 for your pint if the guy in front of you had just got his for €4 ? No you damn well wouldn't. You'd have quite a lot to say about it there and then.

    It's the remoteness factor that stifles the response.
  20. tallpaul

    tallpaul Frequent Poster


    Report them. Along with insurance fraud, Revenue cheats and anyone else who is extracting money illegally from scarce public resources.
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