Diageo I'm not a frog

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  1. john luc

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    Diageo I'm not a frog,
    I was in a pub last night and as often the case with a limited choice to choose from I decided to have a pint of Guinness. The beer was served fine,there was no off flavours but as I drank a few it was apparent that the bean counters are continuing to drive this beer to a dumb downed shadow of what it once was, a great beer.
    they apply the cook a frog approach by making continuing slight changes hoping that beer drinkers will not notice.
    Well I notice.
    This beer today is a thin bodied low gravity ale with low IBU'S probably in the teens. No amount of pixie dust sprinkled by their marketing people can hide the fact that they have gone past their Guinness light beer and have now got it to be Guinness Extra light.
  2. cremeegg

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    Real Guinness as drunk by your grandfather, the stuff the brand was built on, is still fairly widely available.

    It comes in bottles at room temperature and it is disgusting
  3. john luc

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    As a consumer I've had to suffer over the years of 2 company's dictating what I get to choose to drink. That's bad enough but then they have being continually lowering the standard of what they offer us but pretend it's really the same. There are so many frogs out there still believing the "mothers milk" quality when that beer is long gone.
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    Large bottles off the shelf during the winter & off the cooler during the summer are your only man.
  5. joe sod

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    there is alot of craft stouts even in lidl and aldi in bottles that are far superior to guinness although gunness have big win with their hop house 13 beer
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    Diageo havent done it with their scotch single malts yet but have seen jameson glenlivet macallan dropping the 12 year old age statement and still charging same price.