Deed of Confirmation


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We are purchasing a property and I received a gift from my parents towards the purchase price. Its a gift as they plan to do the same for each of my siblings when they go to buy a house.

Our lender has requested a Deed of Confirmation be completed for this, but did not provide one in either of the loan packs. Our solicitor is on holidays up until the day we sign contracts so I'm just trying to get information in case there is anything I could be doing in the meantime. The receptionist for our Solicitor is working and said that for a Deed of Confirmation my parents would have to get independent legal advice and sign with another solicitor but couldn't give any additional information until our Solicitor is back.

Is this Deed of Confirmation something our Solicitor would draft and my parents sign with their Solicitor, something their own Solicitor should draft for them, or something the lender should have provided?

Very rough estimate how much could it possibly cost for them to get their independent legal advice and this document signed with a different Solicitor? We normally use the same one but were told we cant in this case. Hundred, couple hundred, more?